On September 7, we invite representatives of major financial institutions to discuss technological transformation trends and bank branches’ future. Eager to share knowledge and long-term tech expertise with the market, Ailleron, together with Accenture, a global digital, cloud, and security services company, hosts a unique event as part of the FTB Technology Breakfast series. This event, organized by the Polish Bank Association, brings together security innovators and pioneers in the banking sector with the aim of implementing secure financial solutions.

In a dynamic business environment, banks need agile transformation in both customer relations and internal operations. To meet this challenge, flexibility and adaptability to new conditions, changing regulations, and consumer preferences will prove to be crucial competencies. 

The central focus of the September meeting will be the future of bank branches and the role of technology in their transformation. We will discuss alternative approaches to traditional banking and their potential to revolutionize the financial sector.  

The meeting is dedicated to Managing Directors, managers shaping business strategies in banking, and all decision-makers involved in transformation projects in the financial sector. 

Mateusz Grys, Product Manager LiveBank at Ailleron and an expert with extensive experience in designing customer experiences across multiple channels will talk about a virtual branch, illustrating how technology can support banks in transforming their traditional branches. Participants will learn how to leverage the role of a branch advisor within an omnichannel strategy, how to enhance the efficiency of digital customer advisors in banking, and what digital sales processes based on branch advisors – OmniBranch – could look like. 

During Accenture’s presentation, you will learn more about global trends affecting the evolution of bank branches worldwide. After the substantive part, there will be room for open discussion, networking, and building relationships with experts supporting banks in upcoming technological changes. 

The FTB Technology Breakfast will be hosted for a selected group of guests on September 7, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. at the Warsaw Banker’s Club, 6 Smolna St. Join us to explore the chances and opportunities that digital transformation brings in the banking sector. Register to participate at contact@livebank24.com.



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