Generating complex repayment schedules in no time!

Are large solutions overwhelming for your business because of their cost and complexity?

Do not waste money on oversized modules! Choose the Installment Calculation Engine and perform advanced calculations altered specifically to meet all your needs.


Boost your customers’ experience

Thanks to the Installment Calculation Engine, your customers can generate and compare the repayment schedules on their own. 

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Save your time and money

The low cost of the module allows for the extension of the offer of financial products without any great financial expense.

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Simplify your sales processes

Providing your customers with the Installment Calculation Engine on your website will automate and digitize a crucial part of the sales process.

It can substantially increase customer conversion!




You do not need to build your systems from scratch to implement the Installment Calculation Engine. This module can be placed separately on the website or as an element of your existing architecture.



The Installment Calculation Engine fully automates and accelerates leasing processes regardless of their time, reducing the costs of service and increasing customer satisfaction.


Easy to adapt

There are many possible calculation objectives – contract margin, margin over the base rate, interest rate, sum of all fees, installments, fixed capital.


Flexible cooperation

Our solution is adaptable to your business. If you don’t have your own infrastructure, it can be licensed through a subscription (SaaS). If you work with sensitive client data and own the infrastructure, we recommend the on-premises model.

Each business has different objectives and priorities.
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Product Owner

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