Centralize Customer Data and Make it Available to Systems for Insight and Engagement with Customer Data Platform for Financial Services

The quality of customer data is one of the greatest challenges for meeting the business goals of the financial industry. Use the Ailleron Customer Data Platform (ACDP) to create accurate, complete, accessible customer data and transform it into a real-time, positive and compelling customer experience.

Financial Services Data Platform – Solve Customer Data Challenges and Provide Data-Driven Insights

Ailleron CDP Challenges

Ailleron’s secure Customer Data Platform (ACDP) for financial services uses modern technology and a specialized design to solve customer data challenges.


  • Provide real-time data for crucial systems, like: CRM, Internet & mobile banking
  • Enable insights from large volumes of data
  • Keep good quality data
  • Improve performance by relieving legacy systems
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Discover How the High-Performance Customer Data Platform Can Power-Up Your Business

Event-driven Architecture

We are experts in preparing and delivering solutions which are capable of detecting, processing and reacting to different events concerning any change in data – like customer operations, transactions, product changes, etc.

Data Streaming

We support our customers by designing and deploying solutions based on a continuous flow of data generated by various sources. During data streaming processes, data might be enriched and transformed into an optimized structure that enables further usage of data.

Data Lake

Our software architects create high performing, centralized repositories that enable you to store and process all structured and unstructured data. Such repositories are designed to store raw data as enriched data, which is available in real time for analytics purposes. Depending on the business case, the set of services includes building operational data stores serving defined sets of data, such as customer views for purposes of external systems (CRM, online platforms, customer portals, etc.).

Data Analytics

We are designing and creating solutions which monetize data through advanced analysis of data sets. In addition, we apply graphs to streamline the valuable relations between entities in data. This approach allows one to provide interactive visualizations for analysts to discover hidden data insights and predict the existence of links between entities in a network.

Our Key Technology Partners

  • google
  • MongoDB SpringGreen
  • microsoft
  • oracle
  • ibm
  • arango

Ailleron Customer Data Platform - a Set of Technologies to Build Your Solution


Event-driven architecture

  • trigger based business processes
  • proactive offers
  • product recommendations

Central data hub

  • hyper-personalized customer journeys
  • audience insights
  • understanding of consumer behaviors and needs

Broad methods of integration

  • quick time to market
  • low cost of adding new data

Designed for high scalability & high performance

  • real-time access to data for external systems

On-premises or cloud implementation

  • data security, data privacy and compliance on all levels

The Ailleron Customer Data Platform Supports All Types of Financial Services:




Leasing services


Credit card services


Payment services



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