AI Prompter uses the latest developments in the area of large language models (LLM) to enhance the efficiency and productivity of bank employees and assist the customers. This technology facilitates rapid data retrieval and analysis from diverse sources, including documents and databases, enabling employees to complete tasks in even half the time.

The implementation of AI Prompter empowers customer service and back-office teams to expedite routine processes and allocate more time to complex tasks. Additionally, AI Prompter streamlines self-service options for customers, significantly reducing the need for direct contact with customer service representatives. This dual approach not only optimizes operational efficiency but also improves overall customer satisfaction.

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Why banks are implementing AI Prompter?

Ailleron AI Prompter for finance is being adopted by banks for several strategic reasons:


  • Enhanced Productivity: AI Prompter significantly accelerates the handling of customer inquiries and back-office operations; they efficiently search and synthesize data from various sources, surpassing the speed of traditional human operators


  • Cost Efficiency: By automating repetitive tasks, AI Prompter helps reduce the operational costs associated with customer support and other banking processes


  • Constant Availability: AI Prompter operates continuously, offering round-the-clock service that accommodates customers at their convenience


  • Scalability: Capable of managing high volumes of customer inquiries, even during peak times, AI Prompter ensures consistent service without delay


  • Improved Customer Experience: AI Prompter Generator enhances customer satisfaction by providing rapid responses to inquiries, reducing the need for customers to contact call centers or spend time searching for information


  • Improved Employee Experience: AI Prompter alleviates the workloads of customer service agents and back-office staff, allowing them to focus on more complex and engaging work. This not only increases productivity, but also employee satisfaction

Ailleron AI Prompter use cases

ailleron ai prompter

AI Prompter delivers intelligent searches and suggestions for:


  • Customers – to obtain information about the company’s offerings or customer service based on the information available on the company’s website


  • Employees – to prepare answer quickly and accurately, based on aggregated internal documentation

Key features of AI Prompter

Ailleron AI Prompter for banking is equipped with several sophisticated features designed to meet the specific needs of the financial industry:


Industry-Specific LLM Models

Core to AI Prompter, these models are initially trained on general language and subsequently fine-tuned with financial sector-specific data to enhance their relevance and accuracy


Chunking Strategy

Tailored to the unique structure of banking documents, this strategy involves breaking down complex documents into manageable chunks for more efficient processing


Advanced Document and Database Servicing

These mechanisms enable rapid searches across documents and databases to pinpoint relevant information, specializing in handling PDF files and other formats


Table management

AI Prompter is proficient at extracting data from complex tables, simplifying the analysis and interpretation of detailed financial documents

Vector Search - ai prompter In banking

Vector Search

This advanced search technique represents documents and other data types as vectors rather than plain text, facilitating more accurate and relevant data retrieval


Hallucination Detection and Mitigation

These features ensure the reliability of the information generated by AI, correcting any inaccuracies that might arise

Vector Search - ai prompter In banking

Real-Time Data Integration

AI Prompter consolidates data in real-time from multiple sources, including documents and databases, to provide the most current information


Security and Privacy

Given their access to sensitive information, AI Prompter incorporates robust security measures such as encryption, access controls, data anonymization, and continuous monitoring to ensure data integrity and confidentiality


LLM Security

This layer of protection is established through extensive testing and additional prompt filtering against threats like:

– Jailbreaking / Mode Switching

– Obfuscation / Token Smuggling

– Virtualization

– Indirect Injection

– Prompt Leaking/ Prompt Begging

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