You do not have to be an expert in the field of technology to create meaningful relationships in digital channels. AI Banking is a back-end solution that helps you communicate with customers and engage with them via digital channels in a seamless and efficient way – all on one intuitive platform.

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Benefit From Customer Intelligence


Get through the information noise and create meaningful and unforgettable experiences for your customers based on their previous actions and exhibited behaviors. Stand out from the crowd thanks to the relevance, accuracy and availability of your processes – all in the fully automated 24/7 AI Banking module. You can adjust it to your needs thanks to ready-to-go elements we use to create a customized solution for your bank.

AI Banking Solutions: Be closer to Your Customers – Be Closer to Your Digital Success.

Gather data

Track your customers’ actions across various systems and channels, predict patterns and create accurate target audiences you can appeal to in your future actions. Use the information to launch personalized campaigns, bespoke messages and engaging content, increasing both sales and customer satisfaction.

Automate and analyze

Improve key processes by accelerating them with automated solutions adjusted to the needs of your institution. Use them to reshape recurring payments, repeatable actions and basic processes. All with minimal costs, maximum customer satisfaction and maximum reduction of waiting time through digital banking.

Analyze and stay ahead

AI Banking can perform complex analyses, helping make the best decisions for you, your company and customers.


Create selling opportunities

Create unprecedented and personalized upselling and cross-selling opportunities with no additional costs – only enormous bonus profits.

Provide constant assistance

Strengthen your relationships with customers more than ever. Thanks to AI solutions for banks, you can communicate with your target audiences 24/7 via chat and automated messages, as well as transaction detection, personalized offers and self-service modules.


Cost-effective automations

Tailored automations lets you reduce human support costs and improve your services’ availability.

Mastering data helps Ailleron’s clients become desirable institutions for any customers looking for financial products or services for the future.

Let’s talk about how we can power-up your institution with our know-how and AI/ML technologies.

Michał Walerowski

Business Unit Director AI/ML & Data Solutions


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