Make customer service processes more effective than ever before!

We noticed that financial companies struggle with irregular payments for bills, payment defaults and the workload of sales and customer service teams.

The LeaseTech Customer Platform is an innovative and powerful system that gives customers of dealers and leasing companies a variety of options for self-service and self-managing their leasing products and services 24/7.

It simplifies, speeds up and automates access to information and customer service features.

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Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

by giving your customers easy access to all the information and services connected with their leasing contracts, self-service change of schedules or personal details, interactive applications or requests and possibility to sign contracts online. Anytime and anywhere.


Detailed and comprehensive information available at the customers’ fingertips.

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Save time and unburden your back-office staff

by letting your customers solve their issues by themselves 24/7 instead of visiting a branch, by calling an advisor or a contact center. 

An easy-to-use system lowers the number of tickets significantly.


The productivity of the back office increases. And so does your customers’ level of satisfaction.

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Reduce costs and provide additional revenue

by reaching your current customers with a supplementary, tailor-made offer or marketing advertisements.

Interactive applications and contracts enable a transition to a fully paperless service and reduce operating expenses.

The platform is an ideal place to ask for a completely new offer or make a calculation for a new lease.


Such an easy way to achieve a quick sale!

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Accelerate your leasing business with LeaseTech Customer Platform!


Built-in developed automation

User activities are transformed into automatic workflows or tasks for the customer service department.




  • Number of service tickets and calls can be easily reduced
  • Time and operating costs are saved
  • Possible human errors are eliminated

Fast implementation and flexibility

Seamless integration with systems like CRM or BPM and a fast implementation process are our priority! 

You can choose between cloud or on-premises options – we are open to various business models.


Customized interface and captivating dashboard

Productive navigation and intuitive search engine enhance visibility and build a positive customer experience. 

Clearly presented and easy to follow forms enable clients to conveniently change conditions, extend contracts or change schedules.


Upselling channel

Advertising offers can be targeted to different groups of clients. This strategic sales and marketing tool is the best place
to offer supplementary or paid services that are aligned with ongoing leasing agreements.


Advanced system of notifications

Notifications enable clients to subscribe to messages about key events or upcoming dates. The notifications are displayed on the platform and sent via e-mail or SMS. The customer remembers about current liabilities, overdue payments, history and future payments.

Each business has different objectives and priorities.
Let’s schedule a short call to present how our solution can meet your needs!

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Product Owner

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