Kubernetes Managed Solutions for Banking, Finance & FinTech

Any modern IT landscape demands speed, scalability, and reliability.  Therefore, containerization and Kubernetes have emerged as transformative technologies.


Originally designed by Google, Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source container orchestration platform. It enables organizations to move away from traditional IT infrastructure and toward the automation of operational tasks tied to the deployment, scaling and managing of containerized applications (or microservices).


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What we do?

Containerization + Kubernetes + DevOps

Containerization is a form of virtualization that packages applications and their dependencies into standardized units called containers. Containers are portable, consistent, and can run seamlessly across different environments:


  • Container portability – moving them between development, testing, and production environments, streamlines the deployment pipeline
  • Container consistency – applications run consistently, regardless of the underlying infrastructure
  • Container efficiency – due to their lightweight, containers start quickly, allowing for rapid scaling and resource utilization optimization


Containerization and Kubernetes are like two pillars of modern application deployment and orchestration – indispensable components of any DevOps environments, bringing forth a plethora of benefits:


  • Accelerated development – developers are able to build, test, and deploy applications faster due to the consistent environment provided by containers
  • Scalability – Kubernetes automates the scaling process, ensuring applications can handle increased loads efficiently
  • Cost savings – containers are resource-efficient, optimizing infrastructure utilization and reducing cloud costs
  • Consistency and reliability – containers and Kubernetes contribute to consistent, reliable application delivery, reducing downtime
  • DevOps culture – the technologies encourage collaboration between development and operations teams, fostering a DevOps culture of automation and efficiency
  • Ecosystem and integration – A vast ecosystem of tools and solutions is available for containerization and Kubernetes, facilitating integration with existing DevOps tools

Kubernetes use cases

The following Kubernetes use cases reveal how we help in transforming IT infrastructure:


Large-scale app deployment

Autoscaling helps applications to adjust to demand changes automatically, with speed, efficiency and minimal downtime


Enterprise DevOps

Accelerating deployments with centralized platform for managing containerized applications throughout the CI/CD pipeline



Kubernetes provides the flexibility, portability and scalability needed to train, test, schedule and deploy ML and generative AI models

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How we can help you to bring the most of Kubernetes technology for your organisation?

  • ai and machine learning in banking

    Kubernetes Consulting

    choosing best Kubernetes components for your use-cases

  • Improved process efficiency icon

    Auditing your environment and CI/CD processes

    to specify possible optimizations and improvements

  • Fintech & innovative startups

    Technology management

    FinOps, GitOps, DevOps, SecOps

  • software engineers and developers - ailleron

    Help with creating CI/CD processes

    for Kubernetes deployment

Our Kubernetes Development Solutions Technology Stack


Programming Languages for Front-End

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Angular
  • VueJS

Programming Languages for Back-End

  • Java OpenJDK 17/21
  • .Net
  • Python

Cloud Contenerization

  • Google (Cloud Run, Anthos)
  • AWS (ECS, AWS Fargate, AWS App Runner)
  • Azure (ACA)

Resource & Infrastructure Management

  • On Premise – DevOps
  • Cloud
    • Google – GKE
    • AWS – EKS
    • Azure – AKS
  • Hybrid

Logging and Traceability

  • Logging
    • SIEM
    • Cloud Solutions
    • ElasticSearch
    • Grafana Loki
  • Metrics
    • Open Telemetry
    • Prometheus
  • Traceability
    • APMs

Event Bus

  • Kafka
  • RabbitMQ
  • Cloud Native Solutions

Kubernetes managed services – our customer’s stories

Ailleron digital banking platform

Universal bank, Poland

  • GitOps
  • ArgoCD
  • Vault
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana

Project: digital banking platform for corporate & business customers.

Implementation of the GitOps approach based on ArgoCDVault, Prometheus, and Grafana in a Kubernetes environment.

  • HashiCorp Vault used to ensure secure storage and management of sensitive data (passwords or API keys).
  • ArgoCD oversaw continuous deployment of changes from the Git repository, while Vault ensured secure access to confidential information.
  • ​Prometheus and Grafana utilised to: collect metrics and monitor backend performance, visualize key indicators, tracking the system’s real-time status, contributing to a better understanding and optimization of the application.


The application of this comprehensive set of tools ensured efficient and secure deployment with GitOps.  In addition, we provided effective management of sensitive data, monitoring, and graphical presentation of system performance within Kubernetes infrastructure.

Ailleron mobile development for financial industry

Cooperative bank, Poland

  • GitOps
  • ArgoCD
  • OpenShift

Project: application of the GitOps approach using ArgoCD to deploy the backend for a mobile application.

The adopted solution was based on:


  • placing configuration in a Git repository,
  • enabling automatic deployment of changes directly from the source code.


This approach effectively automated the deployment process, contributing to the efficient management of the backend infrastructure for the mobile application client. The environment is built on OpenShift, further enhancing the scalability and management capabilities.

Ailleron develpment kotlin multi platform

Internal Developer Platform (IDP)

  • ArgoCD
  • Vault
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus
  • Kyverno
  • Falco

Project: Internal Developer Platform (IDP) to streamline Proof of Concept (POC) projects within Kubernetes. 


  • ArgoCD automates GitOps-based deployments, allowing developers to implement changes directly from source code repositories
  • Vault ensures secure management of sensitive data
  • Grafana and Prometheus provide dynamic insights into application performance through monitoring dashboards
  • Kyverno enforces policies directly through Kubernetes manifests, promoting compliance with internal standards
  • Falco enhances runtime security by detecting real-time anomalous behaviors and security threats within containerized applications
  • The GitOps workflow, facilitated by ArgoCD, ensures versioned configurations in Git repositories, promoting transparency and traceability


The IDP accelerates POC development, emphasizing security, efficiency, and transparency, offering a streamlined and data-driven development experience.

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