Machine Learning (ML) services help generate valuable insights based on internal and external data sets in order to optimize existing, time-consuming processes, provide deeper understanding of customers’ needs and improve customer service.

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Discover Ailleron’s Portfolio of AI/ML for Finance Competences

AI Consulting

Do you want to introduce AI/ML solutions in your company but don’t know how to start?
Our experts will advise you on:


  • in which areas you can use artificial intelligence to solve existing problems
  • how to determine the requirements for such systems
  • how to estimate the costs & resources to create, train and maintain ML models
  • how to deploy ML models on-premise and in the cloud
  • how to verify the models/solutions of external suppliers
Ailleron AI Consulting

Machine Learning Models

We have extensive experience in creating Machine Learning software models in the area of ​​finance and banking. Based on your existing solutions, we can create an ML model dedicated to your needs and adapted to the data you use. The ML models created by us are comprehensively tested to ensure the high quality of their operations.

Ailleron Machine Learning Models

ML-OPS & ML System Design

We provide comprehensive support for the creation of systems using ML. Training of an ML model is only part of the success. We help to design ML systems and choose the best way to implement the models. We provide quality monitoring and re-training of the model to make sure that it is doing its job well in a dynamically changing world.

Ailleron ML OPS ML System Design

NLP & Chatbot

One of the key areas of Machine Learning (ML) is Natural Language Processing (NLP). We provide solutions that enable the understanding, analysis and business use of complex, unstructured information. We have proprietary solutions that reduce costs and improve the quality of advanced conversation scenarios in chatbots.

Ailleron NLP Chatbot


We help you to fully understand the information hidden in your data. Thanks to the synergy of graphs and Machine Learning, we utilize not only data analysis but also the complex relationships between them (e.g. shopping/social networks). This broad perspective of data analysis allows for the discovery of new business opportunities, as well as a better quality of models.

Ailleron GraphML

Examples of Business Areas for Ailleron Machine Learning Services

Ailleron Machine Learning Services 11
  • Smart pricing – maximize profits for specified products/services in-line with customer price sensitivity
  • Predicting behaviors related to churn, cross-sell/upsell and migrations
  • Smart alerts and automation in the area of recurrent transactions
  • Analysis of customer expenses and forecasting of cash flows
  • Product recommendations based on customers’ needs and behaviors
  • Detection of anomalies in customers’ transactions, improving the security of online operations
  • Support in daily banking via a simple and accessible chatbot
  • Customer segmentation based on gathered information and behavioral factors
  • Advanced transaction classification
  • Document analysis
  • Intent detection
  • Merchant classification for loyalty & partnership programs

These Machine Learning models can be used to locate offers that are appropriate for the target market. Business outcomes, such as product offers, consumer service enhancements and customer segments, must be delivered consistently throughout the existing IT systems.

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Discover our EBOOKS on Machine Learning Applications in Finance

How can machine learning be used in finance? With our expert ebooks, you will learn how putting ML models into production can give banks and financial institutions a competitive advantage.

How We Work?

Business workshop

Explanation on business needs and expectations

Solution concept

Developing an AI/ML approach, specifying the data needed for implementation (input data) and the method and effect of the solution (output data and their interpretation).rn

Preparation of the ML model

All activities aimed at preparing an effective ML model, such as: data preparation, data mining, data engineering, model training and verification

Business verification and implementation

Transfer of the model for verification in client’s Proof-of-Concept (PoC); implementation in production infrastructure after positive decision.

Technologies we work with:


AI Frameworks

  • Tensorflow
  • PyTorch
  • Scikit-learn
  • numpy
  • NLTK

Programming language

  • Python


  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Docker
  • Flask
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana

Ailleron supports Machine Learning (ML) initiatives for all types of financial services:




Leasing services


Payment services




Credit card services

We love data challenges! Let’s talk about how we can help your organization turn data into business value.

Jakub Porzycki

Team Leader Machine Learning

ailleron jakub porzycki

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