Off-the-shelf Internet Banking for SMEs and corporations powered by Ailleron

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Your bank’s business clients will now have seamless access to account balances, loan commitments, and foreign currency transactions. Using the modules of the Ailleron Corporate and Business Internet Banking solution, you can build the most convenient environment for collaboration between your staff and your corporate and business clients.

Benefit from the advantages of Internet banking solutions


Variety of features


The full spectrum of banking products and services available with Ailleron Corporate & Business Internet Banking creates a purely digital environment for day-to-day cooperation between banks and their clients.



End-to-end business processes


We take care of the end-to-end process, even if Internet banking powered by Ailleron is only a part of it. Thus, we enable the creation of a digital experience, simplifying the customer’s journey through banking products.


Responsive Web Design


Internet banking adjusted to the customer’s device is the standard for e-commerce, not for a corporate banking application. The Ailleron platform responsively adapts to the client’s screen whenever needed.



Configuration and customization


Corporate clients are the most demanding. They need fully customized products for their day-to-day actions. For example, they are used to defining dedicated approval workflows or their own import file structure because of different ERP systems on the company’s side.




Access to sensitive data is granted only after the user’s identity has been confirmed with at least two different factors. Our platform has been tested and validated through multiple security audits and complies with the OWASP ASVS L3 checklist.



Technical features


Microservice architecture enables independent enhancement of each business module. It increases flexibility and enables rapid system growth.

Our solutions streamline the work of all corporate & business banking business lines:

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  • Mid-corporate

  • SME

  • Business clients

  • software engineers and developers - ailleron

    Micro companies

Cash Management and extra modules

Configure as you wish. Each bank has a different business model, and they address corporate clients’ expectations differently.


Cash Management

A cutting-edge payment area enriched with fantastic features such as an intelligent payment form, asynchronous data import and export, and contextual AI-driven warnings bringing efficiency, automation, and absolute satisfaction of usage for accountants.


Trade Services

Full scope of trade products, e.g. letters of credit, guarantees, documentary collections, discount products available to digitize trade processes (digital document acceptance/rejection, negotiation of guarantee wording, payments under collection, trust receipt or tracking credit and more).


Loan management

All necessary options cover the complete life-cycle of a loan, starting from a new loan application, through signing of a remote agreement and drawing and tranche management, up to loan repayment.


Cash Pooling

Nominal and actual pooling balances are reviewed as part of account structure management.


Virtual Accounts

Supporting enterprises, such as telecoms & energy suppliers, by simplifying the reconciliation of thousands of incoming payments.



Negotiated or standard deposits are now more popular forms of investment savings. In addition, the ability to automate deposit management brings another level of financial review and security.



Simplify the management of processes related to business travel expenses.


Cash Flow Forecasting

AI and ML-driven assistance for a better and more efficient financial overview and predictions.

Ailleron Experts Insights

Enhance your digital channel solutions using our ready-to-use software components.

These value-added modules are fully independent features that enrich your digital platform and create an exceptional customer experience.

Enhance your corporate business processes with Ailleron’s business and technical support. Just fill in the contact form and get a free consultation.

Maciej Iljaszewicz

DevOps Business Unit Director


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