AI document processing is a set of technologies based on artificial intelligence and LLMs (large language models)  that aims to automate tasks related to documents. Compared to previous approaches, LLMs excel at handling unstructured data, such as emails, contracts, and social media posts. They can sift through these documents and identify relevant information that traditional rule-based systems might miss.


LLMs are trained on massive amounts of text data, allowing them to grasp complex language nuances and context. This improves their ability to analyze documents and extract meaning beyond just keywords.


Furthermore, LLMs can go beyond simple data extraction. They can analyze relationships between different pieces of information within a document, summarize key points, and even answer specific questions based on the content.

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Why is it Worth Adopting AI in Documents Processing?

There are several reasons why adopting AI in document processing brings significant benefits:


  • Improved efficiency and productivity: AI can automate various repetitive human tasks, such as data extraction, document classification, reviewing documents, significantly reducing errors related to manual data entry.


  • Enhanced decision-making processes: AI systems can quickly analyze, extract, and synthesize data from documents, systems, knowledge bases to improve decision-making processes. This helps to answer any questions about the data and improve decision-making.


  • Cost savings: Reducing time spent on repetitive tasks that do not require human attention.


  • Improved customer experience: Faster processes have a positive impact on the customer perception of a financial institution.


  • Scalability: AI-powered solutions are designed to handle large volumes of documents, even if those volumes grow over time.


  • Easy integration: AI document processing systems can be seamlessly integrated with data handling solutions like DPA (digital process automation) or BPM (business processes management) systems serving different processes.

Key Features of AI Based Automated Document Processing Systems

Modern automated document processing systems take advantage of LLMs to streamline the handling of different types of documents within an organization. Below you can find some key features of such solutions:


Document classification

Categorization of documents based on their content into predefined categories


Data extraction

Extracting relevant data from a particular type of document, including unstructured documents


Data validation and verification

Automatic validation and verification of the extracted data against a defined list of data required for a particular type of document (validate whether the data are present and then verify their correctness).


Integration with existing systems and workflows

Providing extracted data and integrating with other enterprise systems like workflows, CRM, data platforms, etc.

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Automated document processing systems should be scalable to handle growing volumes of documents


Serving unstructured documents

Ailleron’s LLM-based document processing systems are capabale to handle unstructured types of documents

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Document tagging

Assigning a set of tags or descriptions to documents


Automatic document summary

Preparation of a short summary containing key information for a particular type of viewer

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