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Define the rules for your business, automate business decisions, save money and time. Discover the solution that makes decisions based on sewn-in algorithmic models. Now you can determine, control and preserve rules using business vocabulary in a consumer-friendly environment.

With our Decision Engine, you will increase the efficiency of your business and boost the satisfaction of your customers. Most decisions will be automated, allowing your employees to focus on decisions that require special attention.

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Automate complex manual processes and requirements

by creating an environment of automated processes and decision-making. This will substantially accelerate the implementation of new policies and business rules.

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Facilitate communication within the company

by translating business rules into a common language. The engine uses the expertise of your operational team. Therefore, models are created using business vocabulary and not programming code.

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Get optimized output data

by converting repeatable processes into traceable decisions. The Decision Engine verifies and evaluates the data packets provided on the basis of algorithmic models. Now your analysts can create rules with ease!

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Save money and time

Defining the models at early stages of business processes will significantly reduce testing costs.



Security first

The detailed audit permits thorough control. The Decision Engine fully satisfies compliance requirements.



You do not need to replace the Decision Engine when your company grows. Scale your solution and enjoy its features – now and in all the years to come.



Leave poor efficiency and delays behind you. Use the automated Decision Engine to accelerate processes and reduce the necessary workforce.


Flexible cooperation

Our solution is adaptable to your business. If you don’t have your own infrastructure, it can be licensed through a subscription (SaaS). If you work with sensitive client data and own the infrastructure, we recommend the on-premises model.

Each business has different objectives and priorities.
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