What is LiveBank?

LiveBank is a digital platform designed to boost sales results and customer experience for banks & financial institutions.

Trusted by global banks

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Key Benefits

  • retail-banking-mobile-platform Boosted digital sales of financial products
  • general_meeting Digital customer advise with Human Touch
  • application-forms Cutting-edge digital purchase processes for complicated products
  • leasetech-virtual-branch Post-sale support leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Key Success Metrics

  • from 35% to 70%

    digital customer acquisition

  • Leasing services


    employee productivity

  • software products delivered - ailleron


    purchasing complex products

LiveBank’s Key Features


Audio & Video

LiveBank enables seamless real-time audio and video communication between customers and advisors, fostering a more personalized and immediate interaction, ensuring more efficient communication, and building a real relationship between clients and bank.


Asynchronous Chat

This feature allows users to communicate at their convenience without requiring both parties to be present simultaneously, enabling customers to leave messages and receive responses later, offering flexibility in communication.


AI Prompt

AI Prompt: LiveBank utilizes AI-driven prompts that go beyond conventional suggestions, actively interpreting and responding to customer emotions during conversations. This feature ensures a more empathetic and personalized customer service experience, attuned to individual emotions and needs, ultimately improving the quality of support provided.


File Exchange

LiveBank facilitates a two-way, secure file exchange between clients and the bank. Users can effortlessly and securely share various files during conversations, enabling a swift and seamless exchange of documents, images, or any necessary information.


Call Routing

we offer intelligent call routing, ensuring that customer calls are directed to the most appropriate agent or department, leading to faster query resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.


Conversation History

maintains a record of past interactions, enabling agents to have a comprehensive view of a customer’s previous communications, ensuring consistent and informed support.


Mutual Screen Sharing

allows both customers and support agents to share their screens, facilitating clearer explanations and providing visual guidance during troubleshooting or consultations.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

After interactions, LiveBank prompts users to provide feedback through satisfaction surveys, enabling the continuous improvement of service quality based on customer input.


Case Based Management

Customer inquiries or issues are organized and managed into individual cases within the LiveBank system. This process involves streamlining and categorizing concerns for efficient resolution and follow-up, optimizing support processes.

LiveBank enables 100% remote product sales in:

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  • Personal Banking
  • Investing & Wealth Management
  • Small Business Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Insurance
  • Leasing & Equipment Financing

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