Make your end-to-end sales processes smooth and structured

Management of complex sales structure, numerous routine and repetitive activities, as well as preparation of financial product offers tailored to the customer needs, are major challenges for leasing companies.

LeaseTech Front Office is a fully automated multichannel platform designed for external sales networks. Managing sales of financial products from one place has never been so easy!

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Simplify and maximize sales processes

by easily managing complex and independent sales structures, the users and their authorizations.


Make the most of your efficiency in the organization!

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Tailor the product to individual needs

by creating many variants of offers and configuring additional products.


The advanced calculator enables to quickly and precisely configure financial parameters.

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Expand your sales strategy

by reaching your current customers with a supplementary, tailor-made offer or marketing advertisements.


No matter the sales channel – internal (sales advisors) or external (vendor, dealership, brokerage or banking). For each you may create a dedicated product with additional services.

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Accelerate your leasing business with the LeaseTech Front Office!


Intuitive interface

The best UX/UI practices allow one to quickly navigate through the system and efficiently process the offers. All vital information is stored and displayed in one place, highlighting the progress and status of cases and contractors.


Sales report generation

Quick access to configurable reports with various filters and an extensive search engine helps to deploy an appropriate sales strategy. The reports can present data on the activities of the entire network or just selected sales departments.


Fast integration

The tool is easily and quickly integrated with existing company systems, databases and customer portals like: BPM, CRM, Central Customer File, Risk Decision systems, Virtual Branch, etc.


Extensive configuration

The administration panel allows one to precisely configure financial parameters, roles and rights, documents and product availability conditions. It also links with supplementary product options.

Each business has different objectives and priorities.
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