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Get tailor-made products for you
and your clients


a new product

Our team can help yours to create a product concept and verify functionality to create MVP with real value for your users.

This approach works well if you start from scratch or want to completely rebuild your product.


  • Call / Meeting with your team
  • Online Surveys
  • UX Research
  • Qualitive & Quantitative Research
1-5 days


  • Design Sprint
  • Brainstorming
  • Design Thinking
  • Other creative workshops tailored to your needs
1-5 days


  • Creating test scenarios
  • Facilitating user tests
  • Recruiting respondents
  • Interpreting test results
1-3 days

UX & UI Concepts

  • Wireframes & prototypes
  • Graphical concepts
  • Iconography & animations
  • Design system
  • UX writing
3-10 days


an existing solution

Using our expertise, we can review your product to pinpoint places where improvements will matter the most to your users.

This approach works well if you already have working solution and want to upgrade the overall look and visual impact, add new functions or incorporate new ideas into your product.

Expert review

  • Research
  • Competition analysis
  • User interviews
  • UX consulting
3-5 days

Usability audit

  • Your product audit
  • Lightning Decision Jam
  • Full usability report
    & presentation
1-5 days

Prototyping & Testing

  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • UX writing
  • Facilitating user tests
  • Interpreting test results
3-10 days

UI Redesign

  • Graphical concepts
  • Iconography & animations
  • Design system
  • Responsive design
5-14 days


your product

We can help you with just testing and evaluating your solution or prototype. We will watch, hear and talk to your customers as they engage with your product.

Our experienced team can also provide a report full of solid recommendations based on an expert review, research and market analysis.


  • Defining key objectives
  • Recruiting respondents
  • Creating test scenarios
  • Setting a time & place for user testing
3-5 days

Usability tests

  • Facilitating user tests
  • Streaming or recording during tests
  • Workshops & collecting feedback
1-2 days


  • Surveys summary
  • Results analysis
  • Conclusions and suggestions for improvements
3-5 days

Presentation & next steps

  • Results presentation
  • UX consulting
  • Wireframing & UI design
1-10 days


creative workshops

Do you want to quickly test different approaches to your issues? Or maybe find the best way to solve the right problems in your project or team?

We provide dedicated workshops that will allow your team to meet and exceed your goals. From Ideas Generation and Lightning Decision Jams to Product Design Sprints.

We can conduct creative workshops perfectly tailored to your needs. In the office or remote – just the way you want.


  • Defining a main goal
  • Defining the challenges
  • Producing a mass of solutions
1 day


  • Compare & vote on best solutions
  • Define a prototype with a storyboard
1 day

Wednesday & Thursday

  • Creating scenarios for user tests
  • Building a hi-fi prototype
1-2 days *
*depends on storyboard complexity


  • Testing the prototype with real users
  • Using feedback from testing to define the next steps
1 day

Want to solve big challenges or create a new product in just 5 days?

Design Sprint is the fastest way to validate your ideas for product or check if a feature is worth developing. Instead of investing months of time and resources, invest just a few days.


design system

Design System is necessary when you want to scale your UI easily, quickly and efficiently.

We can help you create a set of standards and build a reusable components library.

Reduce costs and time spent by having all necessary design answers easily accessible for your team.

Colour inventory

  • Creating naming convention
  • Building accent palette colours
  • Base definition of colours
1 day

Typography scale

  • Choosing typefaces
  • Buliding a consistent typescale
  • Choosing fitting font weights and styles
1-2 days

Icon library

  • Deciding on icon style
  • Deciding on which icons should become part of the system
  • Creating icon sets
2-4 days

Components & other style properties

  • Defining other style properties (paddings, margins, grids, etc.)
  • Creating a components library (buttons, checkboxes, popups, etc.)
4-6 days

Tools & platforms we use

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