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digital process automation for finance
  • Freely launch new processes and quickly change existing ones
  • Bet on a unified environment to manage workflows, documents, and access to process instance data
  • Get rid of hard-coded procedures

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digital process automation for finance institution

Acceleration of business digital transformation

Process optimization and digitalization are essential elements of a successful digital transformation of any organization. Along with converting products to digital formats and system-level restructuring of an organization’s environment, process digitalization plays a vital part in the digital-first enterprise.

DAP for finance - Aileron

Customer experience improvement

Convenience, mobility, and easy access are the characteristics of a remarkable customer experience. The way to achieve this is to optimize internal business processes first. Technology further improves the customer experience by seamlessly integrating with external services and third parties, creating a fluent customer journey through complex business processes.

digital process automation for banking

Productivity improvement

Shorter time-to-market and organizational agility are vital benefits of DPA regarding productivity. Also, RPA frees employees from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on activities that bring more business value to the company.

DAP for banks

Costs reduction

Once automatized and digitalized, processes offer significant OPEX reductions in areas like customer service, new product development, monitoring, or risk analysis.

What We Offer as Part of Digital Process Automation for Finance


Loan Origination Process

From loan inquiry and pre-qualification, through document collection and application submission and underwriting, all the way to loan approval, acceptance and funding – we support the entire loan acquisition path. Trust our expertise in implementation and integration of loan origination processes.


Customer Acquisition Process

Automation and orchestration are applied to customer engagement, product offerings, data collection, customer identification, document verification, OCR, and the verification of customer IDs in external databases. Processes may vary depending on the customer profile (Retail, SME) or the available ID documents. Customers may be offered human assistance based on their profile, but also their pace within the process.


Business process analysis and optimization

Our process digitization services include detailed analysis and optimization recommendations for current processes, considering the simultaneous transfer of functions to the digital layer. Our approach uses customer journey maps (CJM), design thinking, process modeling and analysis with Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).


Comprehensive digital process automation

As part of our end-to-end digital transformation support, we offer a consolidated platform for digital processes. Many minor automation elements, from product inquiries to finished products, create a comprehensive whole.


Tailored implementations and support

We specialize in low-code / no-code implementations, where the customer creates new applications, complex custom process implementations, and hybrid implementations.


Product application services

We focus mainly on the financial industry and, consequently, on product applications. Whether it is a new product application available externally or an internal client credit scoring procedure, we can provide adequate solutions and technology to improve your daily operations.


Customer and product support for post-sales processes

If you are looking to automate post-sales services, we are here to help. Services like loan repayment, changes in pricing terms, and bank approvals for clients’ other financial commitments can be digitalized so that your employees are engaged only if necessary.


Monitoring Services

We provide monitoring services for various business needs, including automatic monitoring of irregularities, customer debts, turnover, and debt seizures.


Credit risk assessment

We have implemented solutions that reduce the risk of borrower insolvency by flagging potentially defaulted borrowers. Features like automatic borrower rating and scheduling subsequent risk assessments allow us to minimize such threats in the future.

Digital Automation Platform

digital process automation - DAP

Our solution, your successful automation!


  • Universal and modular low-code digital process automation platform
  • Solution supporting manual processes requiring paper documents
  • User-friendly environment for creating, controlling, managing, and orchestrating all business processes in your organization.

Technologies to Give New Life to Your Processes

The heart of your new digital processes is a universal, low-code platform. Creating unique and changing existing procedures can be done quickly, with little to no coding necessary.

Incorporate data from external services like scoring institutions, fraud databases, or debtors’ lists directly into your processes using API connections. Then, you can use this information to automate decision-making within your procedures.

Enhance the look and feel of the client side of your digital processes. We will gladly guide you through the entire UX/UI design journey and then integrate the ready front end with the process platform.

Let’s Talk About the Results of Full Automation Coverage

  • machine-learning Faster processing of product requests
  • it-outsorcing Easier post-sale (self)service for customers
  • ux-ui Digitalization of internal processes
  • test Automation of deposit applications
  • banking-business Automation of credit applications
  • custom-software-services Real-time view and control of process data and statuses
  • business-and-technical-analysis Management, reporting, and administrative dashboards
  • data-science Ergonomic tools for various business roles (e.g. Relationship Managers, Credit Analysts, Risk Managers, Back Office) to support their daily tasks

We Support DAP for

  • software products delivered - ailleron


  • Leasing services

    Leasing services

  • banking

    Payment services, credit card services

  • AI Solutions - ailleron


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