Our Corporate Mobile Banking combines the latest UX trends with the highest level of security and extensive business expertise.

Mobile access powered by Ailleron not only simplifies financial management for businesses but also creates a massive advantage in the banking market.

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Features of our Mobile Banking for business clients

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AI-driven Financial Dashboard


Give your business clients the ability to forecast their companies’ financial situation anytime. The module enables them to manage their finances effectively and predict the future based on many factors.


Approval Center


Thanks to gathering all dispositions that require any signature in one place, the company’s CFO approval process is efficient and flexible.

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Access to sensitive data is granted only after the user’s identity has been confirmed via at least 2 different factors. Our platform has been tested and validated by multiple security audits and complies with the OWASP ASVS L3 checklist.




The latest mobile applications powered by Ailleron include biometric authentication.

phone with bank data

Mobile Token


The mobile channel is equipped with top-notch, secure mobile tokens providing customers with advanced authorization and authentication mechanisms. They can simply use mobile channels without any further logins.


Smartwatch Version


Another communication channel created for better customer service. Let your customers know what is going on with their finances and see what requires their authorization.

Our native applications streamline the work of every banking business lines








Business clients


Micro companies

Ailleron Experts Insights

Let’s talk and take a helicopter view of your corporate mobile banking implementation.

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DevOps Business Unit Director


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