Misunderstandings in systems stop your business from growing. Get rid of them.
File Translator is an innovative module that enables translation of files generated by a bank’s clients in their ERP system formats to a format compatible with the bank’s systems. Simple, effective and seamless.

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Transfer files with ease


Your institution does not need dozens of programs to manage files received from hundreds of customers. It does not need employees converting files from one format to another, either – it just needs the File Translator.

Save time and money. Leave your files to our technology.



Simple communication

Quick and direct exchange of different file types between clients’ ERP systems and the bank’s systems in standardized formats without any delays. Perfect for companies wishing to save both time and money.


Full automation

With File Translator, the process of sending payments is fully automated and does not require any human support. Such operations are also equipped with information on the transaction’s status, providing your employees with all the data they may need with no additional operations.


Extensive support

File Translator complies with various standards, including ISO 20022, EBICS and other country-specific regulations. It also supports FTP/sFTP modes. Therefore, you can use it in any market your company may wish to conquer.


Wide range of opportunities

File Translator is here for you – and it can adapt to your institution according to your needs.
The infinite integration possibilities guaranteed by a cloud-based infrastructure will grow with your company. Additionally, you will gain a significant competitive advantage on your own terms, as you can initially choose between a standalone module, a solution implemented in your existing system or introduce the entire Ailleron Corporate and Business Banking Suite to your business.

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