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The rapid transformation and rising number of digital users have a vital impact on every business. The increased waiting time at call centers and processes not available on remote communication channels result in an increased voice call abandonment rate. This inevitably decreases the customer satisfaction level.

Our communication hub connects the client with the leasing company in real time via video channel, chat, audio calls or other online cooperation modes. This fully transactional digital workplace gives you the tools to launch or support your leasing processes and customer service over multiple channels. It is also a viable alternative to leasing companies without branches and call centers.

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Provide comprehensive online and mobile services

from initial contact, through verification of the customerā€™s authenticity, to transaction authorization.


Accelerate sales processes online

by handling all forms of contact like your leasing companiesā€™ portals, electronic customer service systems, branches and social media within one interactive platform.

Login, User, cyber security in two-step verification

Increase the level of data security

through multiple audits conducted and the most secure technology used (e.g. HTTPS, SSL/TLS, AES with HMAC).

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Accelerate your leasing business with the LeaseTech Virtual Branch!



Intuitive and efficient service with the use of advanced cooperation mechanisms, such as screen sharing, dynamic offers, co-browsing, document exchange and graphic tools to enable collaboration




Our platform ensures full and simple integration with your processes and systems, such as CRM, customer service, front office sales platform, call center, BPM, as well as authentication and authorization methods. For example,
thanks to ID verification, a potential customer can easily be converted into a new client.


Conversational functions

Various additional functions facilitating work, such as Live Chat for non-authenticated customers, skill-based routing (Automatic Call Distribution), multi-chat (one agent can talk with many customers at the same timne), chat widget, reporting, recording, multilanguage support, file sending, customer satisfaction surveys, etc

Each business has different objectives and priorities.
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General Manager

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