Monitor operations in your company. Store and manage them. Power up your teams. Business Logs Management allows for gathering information about events that happen in any system existing in a bank, its storage and conversion to a form understandable by the bank’s business teams. Simple, efficient and easy to understand – regardless of the experience of your employees.

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Simplify your data, maximize your profits


Misunderstandings, communication problems and difficult interpretation of data are a thing of the past. Thanks to Business Logs Management, your company can gather data and convert it into simple, easy to understand templates you can use in any department of your company without having to explain it in detail.

Just complex ideas made simple.



Gather the data

Monitor all the events and operations occurring on both the customer’s and bank’s side of the system, add necessary attributes and index the information to form a comprehensive and intuitive database that won’t overwhelm your employees.


Manage the data

Create templates, sort data and search for it whenever necessary without any additional skills. At the same time, manage systems accompanying the Business Logs Management to improve your workflow and reduce both costs and the amount of time spent looking for specific information.


Benefit from the data

Standardize the information you need to improve your workflow and convert complex ideas into simple templates that any of your teams can use to generate profit. Save time with a smart search engine compatible with advanced indexing mechanisms.


Grow with the data

The Business Logs Management module can expand with your business. It can handle enormous amounts of data, as well as simple systems. As a result, it is a great choice for both large entities and small companies wishing to join the ranks of their bigger counterparts.

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The power of information at hand


Data-driven decisions are now a basis for any business operations. Now they can power up your institution, too – all while improving satisfaction rates, saving time and reducing costs. Use state-of-the-art technology to create the services of the future.

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It’s time to profit from data!

Use the Business Logs Management module to do this faster than ever. Check out our demo and contact our advisors to explore all the opportunities Business Logs Management can create for you.

Maciej Iljaszewicz

DevOps Business Unit Director


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