There is so much data and so many events at your fingertips that choosing the most relevant for you has never been so hard. To address this challenge, we consulted with our clients and partners to determine their most pressing areas of interest during these busy times. As a result, we are excited to present the Ailleron Innovation Forum, a unique meeting for our valued customers and partners.

Special meetings require a special setting. The Ailleron Innovation Forum will be held on September 21st, 2023, in the inspiring interiors of the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technique in Cracow. Energized by our meeting venue, we have prepared an agenda for the financial sector’s top management, based on the 5 elements of Japanese culture.

With the “Innovation Blast” stream, we will explore what drives the financial industry’s growth and discuss emerging technologies in financial services. Our second stream, “Customer Centricity”, will focus on customer experiences in banking and other financial organizations that pave the way to success. The “All About the Data” stream is about discovering the endless opportunities we face today with artificial intelligence, data monetization, or machine learning in finance. The “Sales Boost” stream spotlights digital transformation in customer onboarding and effective digital sales processes. Finally, with the “To the Cloud” stream, we will explore super-safe digital branches and scalable microservices architecture in the cloud.

Interesting? That’s not all. For our guests, we have also prepared valuable know-how from the projects we implement with our clients, a solid portion of knowledge from our technology partners: Google Cloud and Mongo DB, as well as the creative UX Design Sprint workshop.

– We hope that the Ailleron Innovation Forum will significantly respond to modern challenges of all financial companies. We have an insightful and diverse agenda full of trends that drive their digital future. This event gathers the Ailleron community and is dedicated to the top management of financial institutions and companies that cope with topics related to innovative IT solutions, including AI/ML, digital processes automation, data monetization or cloud governance. – says Piotr Piątosa, Vice President and COO of Ailleron.  

If you want to be part of this event, contact us directly until the 7th of September. (Please note that seats are limited). After the event, we will also share insights and materials with our clients and followers. See you on the brighter side of innovation with the Ailleron Innovation Forum!

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The Ailleron Innovation Forum energized top executives with new insights and vivid expertise

The Ailleron Innovation Forum, which brought together nearly 100 curious minds in Krakow, answered many questions. The event took place in the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technique, where AIF attendees and our technology partners delved into five thematic streams related to the digital future of the financial industry in 2023 and beyond.

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