The elite group of technology companies that share knowledge and experience with banking institutions has expanded by Ailleron. The Banking Technology Forum brings together leaders in technology that serve the banking sector with the aim of implementing innovative and secure financial solutions.

Banks, other institutions, and technology partners who create and develop financial software are increasingly flexible, open to interaction, and inspiring discussions. Such an attitude is encouraged as we face today’s challenges and operate in a dynamic economic and global environment. Therefore, the Ailleron team was joyful to receive unanimous approval from 40 organizations to join the Banking Technology Forum (FTB). The FTB is a platform for exchanging experience and knowledge between banks and IT vendors on innovative solutions used in banking and fintech, among other areas as digital transformation, integration, or security.   

The Forum was established to expand knowledge related to the digital economy. These collaborations have resulted in reports published on the Polish Bank Association (ZBP) website describing processes such as digitizing mortgages, corporate banking, virtual banking (paperless and remote), and many more. In addition to the FTB Congress, where members present their proposed topics, the Forum organizes a series of FTB TechMeetings.   

“For more than 18 years, the Banking Technology Forum founded by the Polish Bank Association has brought together a unique community connecting the banking and technology sectors. Throughout this time, Forum members – representatives of the world of technology providers – have supported Polish banks in implementing innovations, overcoming legislative barriers, and ensuring the security of modern solutions offered to clients. Representatives of banks and IT providers create an exemplary platform of cooperation that helps to create solutions that draw the attention of the financial world. The best proof of this are the numerous awards and prizes given to Polish banks for such innovative solutions.” – emphasizes Bartłomiej Nocoń, The Payment Systems and Electronic Banking area Director at the Polish Bank Association. 

What value does Ailleron bring to this community? The potential of its flagship solutions, such as LiveBank, as well as its knowledge and unique experience in delivering financial technology services. Ailleron’s team is constantly growing and helping banks to quickly adopt technological innovations, moving comprehensive financial processes into the digital world. With the support of experienced Ailleron experts, on the financial market appear products and services powering such global giants as ING, Citi-Bank, Standard Chartered, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, and others.   

„Thanks to partnerships such as the FTB membership, we can implement many interesting projects and do a lot of good for the banking sector. FTB membership will certainly inspire and motivate us to create even better solutions for the entire financial industry. By creating products such as LiveBank, we are helping banks and other financial institutions undergo digital transformation here and now. So we have much practical know-how that we are happy to share.” – adds Mateusz Grys, Product Manager, LiveBank Cloud.  

Livebank platform enables fully remote customer service, allowing banks to handle even the most complex processes and sell almost all financial products remotely, without the need for the customer to visit the branch.  Thus, it can successfully replace a physical branch of a bank or other financial institution (e.g., leasing, credit, or insurance) while providing a maximally secure environment for remote customer service. All this is possible thanks to technological solutions that allow digital communication with the customer, which is the most effective, supports a positive experience, and builds long-term relationships.   

Ailleron will undoubtedly be a valuable member of FTB, taking an active part in events organized by the Forum, such as the FTB Congress mentioned above, TechMeetings, and IT@Bank conference. At the latter one last year, Ailleron took home an award as the IT company with the greatest growth potential among all companies working with the financial industry in Poland. FTB membership and cooperation with banks and other solution providers herald further joint successes. 


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