The Ailleron Group provides IT services to nearly 200 clients in 40 countries worldwide. Nearly 80% of the group’s revenue comes from foreign markets. Therefore, business and technology partnerships and expanding cooperation with organizations in foreign markets, such as VÖL, play an essential role in Ailleron’s development.  

The cooperation between Ailleron and the Austrian Association of Leasing Companies (Verband Österreichischer Leasing-Gesellschaften – VÖL) will involve supporting Austrian leasing companies in their digital transformation, as LeaseTech, one of Ailleron’s divisions, has been doing for more than 10 years. LeaseTech’s solutions and services have revolutionized major global leasing companies’ sales and customer service processes during this time  

The Austrian Association has 43 members and represents more than 90% of all leasing transactions in the country. It’s great potential for business cooperation and new opportunities for the Ailleron team. 

“We are pleased that through such agreements, Ailleron has the opportunity to engage in various initiatives and activities for the leasing industry. It also allows us to share the knowledge of our experts and spread best practices in the area of technological development. We would like to thank the VÖL Board for welcoming us as their associated member. We will do our best to support the Association and other members in the era of digitalization of the customer experience at financial institutions.” – declares Kamil Portka, LeaseTech General Manager at Ailleron.

Recently, we have seen increasing interest from Austrian leasing companies in innovative solutions in the area of end customer service processes. One example is Raiffeisen Leasing, which has lately become Ailleron’s client.   

The partnership with VÖL already seems to be very promising. With its numerous special committees and working groups, VÖL represents the interests and needs of the leasing industry on the one hand and, on the other hand, is a partner in dialogue with the public and business operators. In turn, Ailleron, with its rich set of technological solutions and experience in financial software development, will be able to address many of the challenges faced by innovative companies in the leasing industry.  

Moreover, this is not Ailleron’s first partnership agreement with a leasing association. We wrote about long-term cooperation with the Polish Leasing Association (ZPL) last year here.


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