The Polish Leasing Association (PLA) bringing together companies and organizations related to the leasing market in Poland, has been working for many years to promote leasing as a tool supporting the development of entrepreneurship. But it was at the end of 2021 that ZPL offered the market its new strategy, including a longer, 12-month model of cooperation with partners in the leasing industry.

The first long-term contract was signed between PLA and Ailleron, a leading provider of technological services and solutions for the financial market, including the leasing companies. Under the agreement, the company’s experienced experts can participate in selected committees and project teams created within PLA. Ailleron, in turn, will work with experts from the leasing industry on joint sectoral projects and get involved in events organized by PLA, such as various expert meetings and webinars. Furthermore, Ailleron will share its specialist knowledge, especially in the field of technological development of the industry, and good practices developed over the years in cooperation with IT suppliers and conducting IT projects. Ailleron’s vast experience in cooperation with Polish and foreign financial institutions will surely bring much value to the Union’s current activities.

“While discussing the new strategy of PLA’s operations, we concluded that we have partners with whom we can establish long-term cooperation. An industry organization like ours is a platform that provides all market participants with a safe environment, allowing for experience exchange and cooperation in developing new industry projects. However, there are two conditions: projects must serve a larger number of entities and cannot distort competition.” – said Andrzej Sugajski, President of the Polish Leasing Association.

“Ailleron has been actively involved in the digital transformation of the largest leasing companies in Poland for many years. We are present as a Partner at key events organized by PLA, promoting the digitalization of the entire industry. The new formula of cooperation between The Polish Leasing Association and Ailleron is an opportunity for us to participate in projects that bring added value to many participants of this dynamically developing market.”added Kamil Portka, General Manager of LeaseTech at Ailleron.

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