The pandemic has sped up digitization and has mobilized companies to increase their interest in innovations and in investing in state-of-the-art technological solutions. Customer behaviors and expectations have also changed: they have learned to purchase almost everything online, which additionally increases the need to provide them with a remote process of acquiring financing. In an attempt to accommodate this need, Santander Leasing has decided to work with Ailleron in order to develop a solution that will meet these challenges while ensuring the highest levels of security.

“We are proud that Santander Leasing has recognized our experience and invited us to work on an innovative project. The success of any cooperation is determined by the attitude of the persons involved in the project on both sides. What counts most is openness, involvement, motivation, and a feeling that the thing we are doing together is important. In this case, this has worked brilliantly,” Paweł Krasuski, Executive Sales Director at LeaseTech Ailleron, says.

High competences, involvement of both parties, and a good cooperation atmosphere have contributed to the success of the project.

“When carrying out complex and multi-dimensional projects, competences are crucial: without them, even the best intentions are not enough. Another important thing is how quickly we can respond to market trends and implement innovations. Today, the market is changing too rapidly for a product to be developed for a long time—if that happens, it will be unfit for the purpose, which is to respond to the current needs of clients or business partners. The last, but just as important element is high synchronization of work in the group. This is specially important in the case of remote work. Considering these factors, the needs of our company, and Ailleron’s experience, we knew that we were going to work with a reliable business partner,” Adrian Kaczmarek, Head of Digital Sales at Santander Leasing Polska, says.

As part of the cooperation, Ailleron organized fully remote Design Sprint workshops: a series of meetings that has lead to a high quality prototype tested by the target addressees of the solutions.

“Ailleron UX Lab organizes Design Sprints, creative workshops, and UX audits for companies from all over the world. Already before the pandemic, cooperation was taking place remotely, especially with foreign clients. This is not a problem because we use state-of-the-art methods and tools. With Santander Leasing, everything went smoothly; both parties were really motivated and this has resulted in a satisfactory outcome,” Patrycja Leszek-Królikowska, General Manager at UX Lab and a Design Sprint Facilitator at Ailleron, emphasizes.

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