In September, Wind Mobile signed agreements with new customers to carry out campaigns with advertising spots played instead of dial tones. KFC and Oshee will be advertised in the new medium.

With its campaign, KFC enters into a new advertising space. This time, apart from the channels traditionally used for reaching consumers, the company will also take advantage of the jingles used in the HaloAds service. The jingles in telephones refer to the ones which can be heard on the radio on a daily basis. The subscribers who are fans of HaloAds play advertising content to people calling them before the connection has been made.

We are delighted with the growing interest in HaloAds. Particularly important for us is the fact that there are well-known and renowned companies with huge marketing experience interested in our service. Their choice of the new medium only confirms that HaloAds indeed has a great potential, says Jan Wójcik from Wind Mobile.

In the case of Oshee, in preparation for the campaign, the IVR automatic system called subscribers who could select one of the two available advertising productions or decide to assign the advertisement automatically through the system.

We are happy that Oshee, another large brand, has decided to get their product advertised while waiting for a telephone call. It is also positive that the range and efficiency of HaloAds turn out to be significantly higher than in our initial forecasts. We have a very positive attitude and hope to achieve good results from the advertising campaign, explains Jan Wójcik from Wind Mobile.

The initial analyses of the results after the first few weeks of both campaigns confirm a very high efficiency of HaloAds. The advertisements in a new medium, so far unexploited, have been received in a positive way.

Wind Mobile is also holding talks with other customers planning to launch campaigns using HaloAds.


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