A few months ago a new solution was introduced to the market which is revolutionizing the authentication process, as well as improving the user’s safety in the network. It is Mobile Connect. As a reminder, this is a method of verifying identity, thanks to which it is possible to log-in to websites safely and quickly without having to remember many logins and passwords. Is this the only advantage of this solution? Maybe there are many more. In this article we will try to answer these and other questions related to the benefits of using Mobile Connect – a solution that has been successfully implemented by Ailleron with several European operators.

This time we will not focus on explaining the basics of Mobile Connect because the general operation of the discussed method is described in a broad way in the article: Mobile Connect – a solution that will revolutionize the futureIn this article, we will try to explain the benefits of using Mobile Connect every day. First, we will present a typical scenario of Mobile Connect activities and the participants who use it.


Three people take part in the authentication process – the user, the operator and the service provider. The side responsible for implementing Mobile Connect is a telecommunications operator that provides the end-user with access to the service. What is important is that the task of the mobile network operator is also authenticated by the user when he or she wants to log-in to the service provider’s system, for example to an online store. The end-user’s identity is verified by the operator, and then, by secure channels in an open or encrypted way, forwarded to the service provider. Thus, the entire process takes place in a closed system. As you can see, in the Mobile Connect scenario there are three actors. However, the biggest benefits of Mobile Connect are for the end-user.

Convenience of use

Nowadays, people leaving their home more often forget their wallets than their mobile phones, which have a lot of functions, including a camera, a payment instrument, as well as a digital identity tool. Mobile Connect is a perfect fit in this trend, emphasizing the central character of the mobile device in people’s lives. In this case, the device with the SIM card is a secure channel used to confirm identity. What’s more, this service works on any mobile device with a SIM card, regardless of the operating system. This guarantees the user great flexibility and easy access to the service, even when changing devices.

Simple and easy login

During authentication with Mobile Connect, the login is always a phone number, and the password is one PIN, set by the user so that there is no need to remember many logins and passwords, as has been the case so far. From data collected by GSMA – an international organization associating telecommunications operators, it appears that about 70% of users stated that forgetting account passwords is a significant problem. In addition, 40% of people admit to using the function of recovering a forgotten password once a month[1]. With Mobile Connect, the whole process of confirming identity or logging-in is much simpler, and most importantly it is private, thanks to which problems with access to services disappear.

Increased security

Mobile Connect guarantees increased security of personal data, as the data of a particular person are kept with the operator, who, at the user’s request, makes them available in a secure and encrypted manner. In case of the theft of the mobile phone, there is no possibility of the theft of the personal data of the user, because each confirmation of a given process, registration or login requires the user’s consent, by providing a unique PIN, which only the user knows. Unlike social networking sites, which also eliminate the need for passwords, many people are concerned that their personal data will be used without their consent. These portals do not have sufficient security in terms of stealing data compared to the Mobile Connect service, for which the user’s security has the highest value.

Global character

The global nature of the service is also important. With Mobile Connect you can confirm your identity and have online access to mobile and digital services around the world. This is important when using local pages in a given country. The user authenticates and identifies him or herself thanks to the identity assigned by the home operator. The entire process takes place automatically, guaranteeing the user the possibility of using Mobile Connect at the other end of the globe. Thus, it is not surprising that Mobile Connect has already been implemented in 63 operators, in 30 markets, and almost 3 billion users are already within the range of the service[2], and this number is still growing.

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