Mobile Connect, a digital identity tool, is gaining recognition from a growing number of people by providing a secure and convenient way to identify. The service provider, which on its websites provides this way of logging in or registering, has a significant impact on the success of the Mobile Connect service.

Who is a service provider offering Mobile Connect?

The service provider is one of the three entities appearing in every authentication or authorization process. It can be a financial or administration institution, an online store or any enterprise that offer their services or products via the Internet.

The service provider easily integrates with Mobile Connect – a platform operated by the telecommunications operator, adding a Mobile Connect button in its login or registration zone. After recognizing this method, clients can quickly and easily confirm their identity or automatically fill out the registration form, e.g. in the online store, by selecting the option “Login with Mobile Connect”.

The processes between the operator, the user and the service provider are described in detail in the article “Mobile Connect. Unlimited end-user benefits”. It is worth knowing that in addition to end-user benefits, Mobile Connect is also an interesting proposal for service providers. The benefits described below affect the sales rates as well as the sales growth itself.

1.  Increased registration efficiency

A survey conducted by GSMA – an international organization of telecommunications operators – shows that 87% of people leave a given website when they are asked to register. The multi-stage registration processes that require multiple personal data, result in a quick discouragement of users. This is a fairly common phenomenon and probably each of us at least once gave up the attempt to register, choosing a purchase in a stationary store or in a place already known.

Mobile Connect solves the above problems by offering a quick, simple and secure mechanism for registering users using a mobile phone. What is more, users registering for the website with Mobile Connect do not have to enter their data each time – all they need to do is agree to the transfer of personal data to the selected service provider via mobile phone.

2.  Increased sales conversion

Just like increasing the percentage of effective registrations, it is possible to increase by 25% conversion rate understood as a ratio between the number of people making the purchase on the website and the number of people appearing on the website. The solution offered by Ailleron facilitates and significantly acceleratesthe process of authentication and authorization (5 times faster), which is extremely important, e.g. in the e-commerce sector, where “the faster, the better” rule applies.

Logging in with Mobile Connect is limited to one click, just like transaction authorization. An example of such an action may be a situation in which the service provider sends an authorization request to the operator, who in return displays a prompt on the user’s phone – “Do you accept the transaction for the amount of $5?”. The user authorizes the request from the service provider by clicking the “yes” button on their mobile phone, regardless of the fact if it is a new smartphone or a model from the previous decade. The simpler and faster process of confirming the identity and authorization of inquiries from service providers will undoubtedly increase sales.

3.  Reducing client service costs

The service provider, offering an authentication method with Mobile Connect, will also experience a reduction in client service costs. There is no doubt that there is a high probability of error when completing the registration form, order form or online application in the administrative unit. In half of these cases, such situations end with an attempt to contact client service in order to solve the problem.

Mobile Connect reduces the number of errors that appear during these processes. Users using Mobile Connect do not have to enter their personal data every time. It is enough that on their mobile phone they agree to make them available. The process takes place faster than in the case of a standard login, and most importantly, the user is sure that his data has been entered in the correct manner, which eliminates attempts to contact client service.

4.  Users’ data from a trusted source

The personal data on which the user gave consent are always available from a trusted source. Moreover, the data declared by the service provider can be compared to data collected by the telecommunications operator and verified.

An example situation may be one, where a user declares to service provider that, e.g., is over 18 years old and performs an attempt to log in to the gambling website. The service provider can verify this information by sending a request to the operator with a request to verify the user’s age. The telecommunications operator has reliable user data in its possession and compares them with the information provided by the user to the service provider. If they are not compatible, access to the website will not be granted.

5.  Prevention of fraud

In addition to the aforementioned authentication and authorization processes, Mobile Connect also has additional interesting functionality related to the attributes. Attributes are pieces of user information, i.e. its device, location, that can be used to detect and block fraud attempts.

An example of such an action can be a double-check user. The service provider, the bank, can send a query to the operator in order to verify the identity of his client who initiates the transaction using Mobile Connect. The bank may ask the operator to check the last date of changing the SIM card. If this person has recently changed their SIM card, it may be a sign that the card has been intercepted and is in the possession of the wrong person. The reaction to the above is the lack of the possibility of authentication or authorization. The advantage of Mobile Connect is also security in the form of a PIN, which in the case of banking transactions is required during selected actions on the website. The PIN code is kept encrypted on the user’s SIM card, so it cannot be stolen.

In summary, Mobile Connect is an innovative method for managing digital identity, which, due to the features offered, will distinguish each service provider from the competition, and what is more, it will allow to maintain positive relations with its clients. If you want to learn more about the Mobile Connect service and its additional capabilities.

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