Launching LiveBank in more countries is the result of increasing interest in virtual branches, which allow banks to deliver high quality services in a modern and customer-driven format. This is another implementation of the virtual banking system developed by Ailleron, which already serves clients in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Standard Chartered customers receive a variety of facilities, including access to virtually the full bank offer, the ability to contact an advisor at a convenient time (regardless of the hours of operation) and from anywhere in the world. They can also send signed documents online or finalize most banking operations without leaving home. The bank provides the customer with full financial transaction services – from the start of such a transaction, through authorization, to its closing – all using high-quality secure video, audio or chat.

With the virtual banking solution, both the banking industry and the customer receive support that guarantees the same service as traditional branches, but in a much faster and more comfortable form. LiveBank was created and tested as a system that provides the highest levels of security involved in a transaction, as well as one that can be adapted to the regulations and demands of specific markets, explains Piotr Skrabski, General Manager of LiveBank at Ailleron SA.

Standard Chartered Bank, as one of the first banks on the so-called emerging markets, responded to the needs of digital consumers, thus raising their competitiveness.

Video banking is about providing our customers with greater choice and convenience, says Karen Fawcett, President of Retail Banking at Standard Chartered Bank. Now the customer does not have to come to the office to talk to someone face to face. We invest in technologies that make banking safe, simple and personal for our clients.[1]

Virtual bank branches fit in with the market trends of the progressive digitization different areas of life, and above all respond to the business needs of banks and their customers’ communication.

Based on the experience we have gained at home and abroad, LiveBank is developing innovative biometric technologies. Our goal is to streamline banking processes while maintaining the right level of security and adapting to the legal requirements of the financial market. We are currently conducting advanced work on the development of LiveBank with an electronic customer verification procedure called Know Your Customer, says Piotr Skrabski, General Manager of LiveBank at Ailleron SA.




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