„Jingle bells, jingle bells. Merry Christmas from Marina and Wind Mobile Company” is just an example of wishes which customers and partners hear when they call Wind Mobile employees.

What a waste of time, when somebody’s calling me and before I take that call they hear the same old boring “beep beep” sound that’s already been played for a hundred years or so. Why not use the medium for the company’s marketing activities during the working hours? This year, together with famous artists, we have prepared a collection of nice recordings of Christmas wishes for our customers and business partners. The reactions of people calling us are very positive; everyone seems to be nicely surprised. In this way, we want to highlight the image of an innovative company, which is capable of creating new surprising ideas, while being at the same time focused on the quality of relations with its customers. An important goal of our company for the next year is to provide a service which any small, medium-sized or large company will be able to use for the implementation of their marketing goals in a simple way. This is one of the reasons why we are developing the mobile advertising department,- says Igor Bokun, Wind Mobile CEO.

A ringback tone is a sound played on a phone instead of a standard call waiting tone. The sound may be in a form of a musical composition, recorded announcement or advertising message. Mobile phone subscribers may download the selected sounds to their mobile phones individually, which can be done through the control panel of a given telecommunications operator.

The possibility to use the corporate version of ringback tones during holiday seasons or periods important to the company is a modern and interesting form of marketing communication which is positively received by the callers.


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Tell us what you need and we will contact you shortly.