Today, Wind Mobile S.A. has signed an agreement with one of the mobile network operators for delivering multimedia content within the Open Ringback service.

Thanks to the new service, Wind Mobile will expand the ringback tones market by starting cooperation with new media partners and digital music providers.

Although the Polish market is the most developed in Europe, lack of service standardization from the subscriber’s perspective has been a barrier for its further development. The service activation procedure, databases of available songs and management mechanisms for content providers have been different for every operator. Open Ringback is an initiative of Wind Mobile, aiming to standardize the ringback tones service both on technical and business levels. Thanks to Open Ringback, content providers and media partners may offer ringback tones to subscribers regardless of the network. Open Ringback provides an efficient tool for operators and partners to achieve recurrent income, and for subscribers to access digital music. This is the first project aiming to standardize and open the market for ringback tones on such a large scale in Europe.


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