Confronted with a growing market competition, mobile operators are under increasing pressure related to efficiency optimization. New Wind Mobile products come to aid.

When selling SIM cards, operators have to assign the subscriber number to the SIM card. Subscriber numbers are a valuable resource obtained by the operator from the regulator. Additionally, assigning a subscriber number means using expensive license resources in numerous systems working at the heart of the network. In consequence, the SIM cards found on newsagents’ shelves are a financial burden for the operators.

In response to this challenge, Wind Mobile has developed a technology which does not allow to assign telephone numbers to a SIM card until the card has been activated. Moreover, thanks to the new technology, by activating the SIM card subscribers may take advantage of additional services, e.g. select a suitable telephone number for themselves.

Another challenge faced by the mobile network operators is the unused SIM cards of the prepaid system users. If a user does not use their card within the period during which the operator is obliged to maintain their number, the internal license resources are used up and the SIM card fails to bring any income. There is a huge amount of such “sleeping” cards. And in such a case, the operator will be supported by the new Wind Mobile technology, allowing to “hibernate” the inactive SIM card, which causes the release of license resources on the part of the operator. Following another card activation by the subscriber, the card is “dehibernated”, invisibly for the user.

Our new technologies related to the intelligent SIM card management offer great savings for the operator. These technologies require a very deep knowledge about the functioning of the heart of mobile networks, and thanks to unique experiences, Wind Mobile is able to provide such competences. The talks we held with the first clients on the subject of the use of our new technologies were very optimistic. We hope that our new products for intelligent SIM card management will also be attractive for foreign clients, says Igor Bokun, Wind Mobile CEO.


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