Wind Mobile has launched in one of the leading mobile operators in Poland a new commercial product—the ESR (Enhanced Sender Receiver) telecommunication platform, which redefines user-to-user and user-to-operator communication and adapts it to the realities of a changing world

Wind Mobile, the Polish leader in solutions for the telecommunications industry, has successfully completed the design and implementation of ESR 2.0. The system provides a wide range of functions designed for the structured exchange of messages between provider services and users. Channel types supported by the system include SMS, USSD, MMS and EMAIL. The system introduces advanced message flow control and limiting mechanisms, while enabling automated message operations. Thanks to this consolidated approach, an operator can achieve easier and more efficient communication with its subscribers. The platform was built on an original High Availability model, which ensures reliable message exchange operations at a rate of thousands per second.

This is another successful implementation with this operator, which confirms both the quality of our products as well as the fact that operators choose solutions that will bring them the best results. Competition between operators is no longer about prices but about the attractiveness of services offered, and that is what our products support – says Tomas Kiser, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Wind Mobile S.A.


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