Software Mind, part of Wind Mobile Group, is consistently implementing the strategy of entering foreign markets with its innovative products.

In order to implement its sales policy, Software Mind has established a strategic partnership with the Israeli company, Matrix, which will promote and provide sales support to LiveBank in the region.

This partner is the largest IT company on the Israeli market, employing 7,000 staff, implementing the most innovative and promising projects, among others in the banking and finance sector. Cooperation was established in response to new regulations introduced this year enabling Israeli banks to open new accounts based on the “on-line legitimation” process. In this process, photographs of the customer’s face and documents are taken during a video session.

The first effect of this cooperation was the participation of Software Mind in the Fintech Conference in Tel Aviv. The conference’s goal was the presentation of the most innovative solutions and technologies for banks and financial institutions, which will in the future change the face of these sectors. In addition to presenting LiveBank to the general public, the conference provided an opportunity for many individual meetings with potential customers.

The event gathered representatives of management of banks and financial institutions from around the world, as well as experts in IT and innovation.


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Tell us what you need and we will contact you shortly.