On May 27, 2024, the SGB Group received an award in the Modern Technologies in Cooperative Banking category, recognizing their dedication to the development of the cooperative banking sector and work put into the competition entry – the SGB Mobile App for Kids. The award was presented during the ceremonial gala of the IV edition of the “Cooperative Technology of the Year 2023” competition, organized as part of the Cooperative Banking Technology Forum 2024 in Warsaw.

The award acknowledges the innovative features of the SGB Mobile App for Kids, including financial education for children and adolescents and an intuitive, engaging interface that helps young users understand basic money management principles.

The SGB Mobile App was created and developed as a result of a collaboration between the SGB Group and Ailleron SA. Work began in 2020, and since then, the app has supported the daily banking needs of SGB Association clients. It has also garnered numerous awards and distinctions in industry competitions.

Ailleron is not only a contractor but also an advisor who closely analyzes trends and works with us to develop the product while keeping it competitive.

Izabella Brzostowicz

Chief Specialist for Mobile Banking at SGB Group

In developing the SGB Mobile App for Kids, children’s input was prioritized. The Ailleron UX Lab team invited future users to participate in surveys to define their banking needs and understand their views on finance and app customization. Additionally, children and adolescents aged 6-17 took part in app usability tests.

Such a fantastic concept couldn’t wait! Now, the focus is solely on initiating work on the app and swiftly making it accessible to SGB Group customers. I’m proud of the entire project team – this award proves our capability to tackle any client challenge successfully.

Maciej Kasprzak

General Manager at Ailleron

The SGB Mobile App for Kids stands out for:

  • interactive financial education: featuring games and quizzes teaching children about saving, budgeting, and responsible spending,
  • security: adhering to high data security standards to protect children’s personal and financial information,
  • user-friendly interface: a colorful and intuitive design tailored to younger users’ needs and expectations,
  • functionality: offering features for managing pocket money, saving money, tracking expenses, and fostering financial responsibility from a young age.

We’re honored to receive the Technological Innovation of the Year 2024 award. This recognition confirms our commitment to educating the younger generation about finance and implementing innovative technological solutions. The SGB Mobile App for Kids is more than a financial tool; it’s an educational platform that prepares children for responsible money management in the future.

Artur Józefowski

Director of the Mobile and Internet Banking Office at SGB Group

The SGB Group, a leader in the banking services market, continuously strives to introduce modern solutions that meet its clients’ evolving needs. The Technological Innovation of the Year 2024 award is proof that industry experts and users alike appreciate SGB’s cutting-edge approach.

About SGB-Bank S.A.

The SGB: Cooperative Banking Group consists of SGB-Bank SA and 175 Cooperative Banks of SGB. These banks operate for the benefit of the local community and its future. We invest our clients’ money locally, ensuring the development of the place they live in. We prioritize reciprocity – in reality, what we gain, we give back to the local community. We stay close to our clients thanks to the mobile application and a full set of mobile payments.

About Ailleron S.A.

Ailleron provides software development services for fintechs, leasing companies, banks, and other entities in the financial industry, mainly in Europe and Southeast Asia. The company aims to make financial experiences easy and enjoyable for everyone. Ailleron creates innovative IT solutions based on cloud technology, data science, and artificial intelligence. Ailleron’s clients include banks such as Citibank, ING, Santander, BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered, and Credit Agricole. The Ailleron Group serves over 200 clients in 40 countries and employs over 1500 specialists in Europe and America. Since 2011, it has been a publicly traded company.

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