On February 27th, 2020, the Management Board of Ailleron SA presented the financial results for 2019, as well as the parameters that influenced the company’s assessment and directions of the company’s future development. The conference was held at the headquarters of the Polish Press Agency in Warsaw.

Members of the Management Board together with CEO Rafał Styczeń presented a detailed description of the results for 2019 compared to results from previous years, as well as the revenues divided into three segments: Enterprise Services, FinTech and HotelTech. Adam Bugaj (Deputy Chairman of the Management Board) presented the results of FinTech department and the factors that had an impact on its final results. Projects from 2019 were thouroughly discussed. That included projects such as: DNB, Santander Consumer Bank, CitiBank and PKO Leasing (as a finished and implemented project). Grzegorz Młynarczyk (Deputy Chairman of the Management Board) showed the results, products and growth directions of HotelTech, TELCO and Enterprise Services divisions in comparision to the global value of the IT market. In the summary, the Chairman of the Management Board of Ailleron S.A. presented the indicators achieved by CAGR (+ 36%), explained the increase in profitability of services by 16% and shared the information about 31 trusted suppliers as well as the number of recently recruited employees, which reached 205 people.

Thank you for participating in the conference and for numerous questions and lively discussions.


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