Parties, namely Wind Mobile and an Arabic partner, have expanded the scope of the agreement by a significant market – Iraq (29 m. Subscribers) as a result of nearly week-long talks held in Dubai. At the same time, after the analysis, parties have decided to temporarily exclude Tunisia from the activities concerning One Ringback (formerly Open Ringback).

We have held very fruitful meetings with our partner and go back to Poland full of optimism. We have agreed on selling, marketing details and technical issues. Both companies treat One Ringback as a priority. There is a unique chance ahead of us that, together with the Arabic partner, we will seize the market. Despite the initial schedule for the commercial launch in 2014, we see a real chance to shorten this plan. There is an essential round of talks with operators ahead of us, but having such a strong partner, we do believe in success. – says Tomasz Kiser, Vice-chairman of Wind Mobile.

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The Ailleron Innovation Forum energized top executives with new insights and vivid expertise

The Ailleron Innovation Forum, which brought together nearly 100 curious minds in Krakow, answered many questions. The event took place in the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technique, where AIF attendees and our technology partners delved into five thematic streams related to the digital future of the financial industry in 2023 and beyond.

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