Ailleron, a software house specializing in financial technology services, and NannyML, a leading machine learning (ML) model monitoring solutions provider, have announced a strategic partnership to enhance Artificial Intelligence model reliability and maintain financial institutions’ compliance with the EU AI Act.

Today’s financial institutions face a growing demand for trustworthy artificial intelligence and machine learning models. As ML models become more ingrained in everyday operations, their performance, stability, and regulatory compliance become essential factors in delivering accurate and reliable services.

 “There is a challenge of ML models losing accuracy with time – a phenomenon affecting all ML models. It happens because the business world experiences constant changes while ML models are trained on historical data. Constant model retraining to keep them up-to-date is an expensive process. Therefore, integrating ML models produced by Ailleron with monitoring from NannyML allows us to update models exactly when needed.” – said Jakub Porzycki, Machine Learning Team Leader at Ailleron SA.

The joined technologies allow for robust, real-time machine learning model monitoring. This partnership enables financial institutions to significantly reduce retraining costs, catch model failures, and maintain compliance with the EU AI Act. This gives financial institutions additional security as they navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ailleron and are excited about the synergies this collaboration brings for the financial institutions. At NannyML, we are dedicated to helping businesses maintain the performance and stability of their AI models, and this partnership will enable us to deliver our advanced monitoring solutions to even more organizations.” – said Wojtek Kuberski, Chief Data Scientist and co-founder of NannyML.

With this partnership, Ailleron reinforces its commitment to delivering top-tier financial technology services. Cooperation with NannyML completes Ailleron’s ML model testing and monitoring standard. Basic ML model validation could be supported with business model testing (post-train testing) and social bias testing – per customer requests.

“We are integrating NannyML monitoring into our ML models to ensure their quality and reduce the model monitoring and retraining costs. Additionally, we will be able to improve the model’s explainability and deepen the analysis of changes in the data.” – said Michal Walerowski, Business Unit Director AI/ML & Data Solutions at Ailleron.

Together, Ailleron and NannyML are set to provide a comprehensive solution that empowers financial companies to maximize the value of their AI and machine learning investments while maintaining trust and reliability in their services.

About Ailleron
Ailleron provides technology services for banks, fintechs, leasing companies , and other financial industry players, mainly in Europe and Southeast Asia. Its mission is to make financial experiences easy and enjoyable for everyone. It develops innovative IT solutions based on cloud technology, data science, and artificial intelligence. Ailleron’s clients include Citibank, ING, Santander, BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered, and Credit Agricole. The Ailleron Group provides services to more than 200 clients in 40 countries and employs more than 1,500 specialists in Europe and America. It has been a publicly traded company since 2011.

About nannyML

NannyML builds state-of-the-art machine learning monitoring and post-deployment data science software. Its mission is to monitor the world’s decisions. NannyML’s cutting-edge software has been adopted by 1000’s data scientists worldwide from the world’s largest organizations like Walmart and UBS.

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