The coronavirus pandemic has started a global transformation, as thousands of people around the world are forced to stay at home. This rapid change made them use digital channels as their main source of information, communication and services – including those delivered by financial institutions. Is your bank ready to face the consequences of the transformation?

Adapt, overcome and use innovative solutions

In the last few weeks banking industry has changed drastically, as hundreds of branches around the world were closed. This caused numerous problems even for the leaders in banking services. Those difficulties include long wait time on hotlines, disjointed business continuity plans and numerous issues caused by limited availability of processes. Fortunately, digital transformation can help you solve all of those problems – and we know exactly how to do that.

Ailleron is a global fintech company building pioneering products for the banking industry. Our flagship products provide smart digital communication channels and the newest technologies to our clients. Now we can help you adapt to the changing situation with our product that was implemented in financial institutions such as Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank and Santander Group.

LiveBank: one platform to serve all the customers

LiveBank is a tool perfect for communication with customers in Work-From-Home model. It helps banks engage with the customer using real-time online assistance through video, audio and text chat. This technology allows customers to have a face-to-face conversation with an advisor, regardless of the circumstances. What is more, it can also be used to provide customers with unique omnichannel experience, helping them create a relationship with the bank.

What is more, LiveBank can change all your services in a really short time – its cloud implementation and integration with existing processes takes only a few days. This uniform platform is perfect for handling all forms of contacts. It also helps agents verify customers’ identity with the highest security using ID Card verification and facial recognition from anywhere in the world, making online onboarding possible.  It can also act as an efficient agent support with sharing, co-browsing, presentation and graphical features. Thus, it is a perfect solution not only for the time of lockdown, but also for the years to come.

Are you ready to get a closer look at our online banking solution? We can share our knowledge with you at this very moment. Visit our website and download a brochure that will tell you more about LiveBank. We look forward for meeting you!

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