Standard Chartered Bank, which has more than 1,200 branches in over 70 countries, has launched the LiveBank virtual banking system developed by the Cracovian company Ailleron in their Chinese branches. The bank had already implemented this pilot solution in Malaysia and Singapore, and the rapid adoption of LiveBank by users in the region opened the door to subsequent platform implementations, among others in China, Taiwanand and Hongkong.

On January 11, 2017, China Standard Chartered Bank announced the launch of virtual banking, which will allow for the improvement of the quality and sales of services and meet the demands of today’s customer. The effect of the implementation is the start of virtual communication with bank advisors. A similar launch of this new form of customer service took place in Taiwan on December 13, 2016.

Thanks to the development of technology, many basic banking transactions can be done online using dedicated mobile applications. However, when it comes to more complex and complicated financial issues, Customers continue to require direct contact with a professional advisor as well as an advisor’s support. Launching video services will allow the realization of just such operations. This is incredibly convenient for customers, because now they can contact their bank no matter where they are,  explains Piotr Skrabski, General LiveBank Manager in Ailleron SA.

LiveBank is an advanced solution in the area of virtual banking which ensures customer service at the highest level without requiring customer time to be lost traveling to a physical bank branch. It offers numerous benefits, including the possibility of contacting the bank, sending signed documents or generally accessing the full range of bank services – all via secure video, audio or chat connections, depending on customer preference. Thanks to streaming, the bank can provide the customer with a comfortable, high-quality video connection, which promotes interaction and allows for full support for financial transactions from their beginning, through their authorization, and to their conclusion.

Every year the surge of interest in virtual offices is more and more visible. This is mainly due to the pervasive trend of optimizing cost effectiveness and exploring innovative and practical solutions that will allow banks to provide high quality services in a completely different, modern form. The concept of virtual banking has been realized thanks to LiveBank, whose technology has facilitated and shortened the time necessary for bank formalities, and also allows the generation of satisfactory results for both the customers and the bank itself, adds Piotr Skrabski

Thanks to solutions like virtual banking, the banking sector receives support that guarantees the same level of service as in traditional branches, but in a much faster and more convenient form. A well-constructed system must not only ensure the full security of transactions concluded during the call, but also be adapted to the regulations and requirements of the market.

Thanks to in-depth specialization and a developed new technology market, Polish technologies are becoming more and more successful around the world, as in the case of the Polish LiveBank.


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