Ailleron has finished out the last year with the best results in company history. 2016 was closed with a total of 89 billion zloty in revenue, all the while generating EBITDA of 14.7 million zloty (profitability of 16.5%) and a net profit of 7.6 million zloty, which constitutes an increase of 16% compared to 2015.

The international expansion of LiveBank, the ongoing specialization and the creation of new product lines in the financial and telecommunication sector, as well as a significant increase in exports – those were the main sources of the company’s growth in 2016.

LiveBank’s success in Asia and the Middle East were a result of good decisions in the product development area as well as the whole strategy. Our product already fits very well into the global trends and responds to the needs of business banks, which in turn lets us effectively compete with the biggest global brands offering similar products. We have very ambitious plans in the product development and international expansion areas. Many customers have already noticed LiveBank’s potential – we are present in a dozen or more countries – thanks to that, we could achieve seven times the results as we did a year before. I admit that 2017 will be even busier. I am also convinced that further products of Ailleron, dedicated to the financial industry, such as the Wealth line, will follow in LiveBank’s footsteps. – says Piotr Skrabski, LiveBank’s General Manager.

In 2016, LiveBank achieved a sevenfold better result compared to 2015, accumulating an EBITDA of 2.1 million zloty. The previous year, the economy of scale effect was so clearly visible for the first time and it was a result of the repetitiveness and the decrease of costs of consequent implementations. Currently, video-banking is the company’s “killer application” in the process of acquiring future customers in various regions of the world.

During the year Ailleron has tripled the number of financial institutions it provides service to, however, the scale and area of operation of these new clients is more important: Standard Chartered (9 Asian countries), Emirates NBD (United Arab Emirates) or Commerzbank. LiveBank does not only accelerate sales in these regions, it also opens the door for other products for the financial sector of the company.

In 2017, Ailleron will introduce the new Wealth product line, dedicated to the financial industry. These products, which allow for effective asset management, were created based on several-year-long experience in making advanced support systems for sales processes and customer service.

Directing the sales of Wealth products to current customers of the company, acquired through the implementation of LiveBank, shows the growth potential of this line. LiveBank, together with the Wealth products, is already powering an upcoming, international bank in Poland. – Piotr Skrabski adds.

The full use of the company’s financial sector clients’ potential would not be possible without the consistent specialization and product-orientation of the rest of the company’s offer. Ailleron has focused on the few most profitable and serially best-selling solutions: Online & Mobile Banking, Leasing Front Office or eBOK Leasing. The strategy, realized since 2014, has yielded measurable financial results in this segment – an almost four-times increase in EBITDA at the level of 2.3 million złoty.

As in the previous years, the sales in 2016 were accelerated by export. In the last 3 years Ailleron’s export has grown 2-3 times faster than its domestic sales. In 2016, the increase in export has been at 44% all the way up to the level of 26 million złoty. Other than LiveBank, the main source of sales were still the specialized outsourcing of IT services. The company acquired prospective contracts, e.g. Procountor from Finland, all the while increasing the sales to almost 17 million złoty with a high profitability of EBITDA at a 30%-threshold. – Łukasz Jaśkiewicz, the Financial Director of Ailleron, comments.

The company has introduced a product specialization for the telecommunication sector as well, making offers with solutions that generate more income for mobile operators. In the VAS area, that includes Ringback Tones amongst others, operators generated additional sales. The MTR area products in turn, i.e. 3Gen Voicemail, let the operators achieve income in settlements amongst other operators. Among the projects realized by the company in 2016 the following can be mentioned: launching Ringback Tones in a revenue share model for MTel (Telekom Austria Group) in Bulgaria, 3Gen Voicemail for Plus, also in the revenue share model, or the Steering of Roaming service for the Icelandic operator, NOVA.


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