LiveBank – a globally implemented virtual branch, as well as products of the Wealth line will be added to the technology supporting Golden Sand Bank – another project of Sławomir Lachowski. A new bank, directed at wealthy customers, will be completely mobile: no branches and no area restrictions. 

Golden Sand Bank is a financial start-up with the ambitions of a global internet bank of the new era. Entirely remote, it is being built based on the “mobile first”-rule to be able to provide service to customers all around the world. It directs its offer at people that search for effective and secure access to an array of markets and investment products, enabling them to multiply their savings. Other than investment products, the customer will also have access to typical products of a bank, which will ensure a complex financial service altogether.

The new business model of service for wealthy customers is facing the tendency that has been progressing for years, that in the era of digitalization, branches have become obsolete and will soon be regarded as relics of the past in their current form, because a customer can already meet all their banking needs and manage their financial assets remotely, anytime, anywhere, by using an array of technologically advanced devices that grant maximum comfort, like smartphones, tablets or PCs, Sławomir Lachowski comments.

Based on the projects in progress and positive references, Golden Sand Bank has initiated cooperation with Ailleron SA. This agreement’s goal is to implement the systems that will support customer service: LiveBank, an online and mobile banking system, together with the Wealth Management class solution for investment product service.

Wealth Management is another Ailleron solution dedicated to the financial industry, which enriches the range of the online and mobile banking offer. It allows the customers to manage their capital on financial markets, offering a friendly service thanks to a clear presentation of the financial asset portfolio and of key indicators. In this project, the on-line legitimation solution will also be implemented, which in turn allows for new clients to be acquired completely remotely, thanks to biometric mechanisms confirming one’s identity – this verification process will be available for customers in over 45 countries, says Karina Porębska, General Manager of Business Unit Finance.

Personal service to bank clients, in the form of a virtual branch, will be ensured by LiveBank. The system guarantees the entire service of a traditional branch but in a significantly faster, more comfortable and more modern way. The virtual branch also allows for remote authentication and authorization, thanks to biometric solutions and touchID. LiveBank, outside our own market, also supports sales and customer service in Germany, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Another implementation strengthens Ailleron’s position as a trustworthy and proven supplier of technological solutions for the financial industry and confirms the strategy consistently realized by the company – the one aiming for expanding the company’s offer with innovative and specialized products, meeting the current needs of specific industries.


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