LiveBank, the virtual banking system developed by Ailleron in Poland, will be implemented by international bank Standard Chartered for providing services to over 5 million customers in Asia, Africa and in the Middle East. To date, it is the largest operation of its kind carried out by an international bank [1]. The list of countries where the solution by Ailleron SA has already been implemented is gradually expanding.


Standard Chartered implemented the solution by Ailleron SA as a pilot project in Malaysia and Singapore. The very fast adoption of LiveBank in the region opened the doors to further expansion into China, India, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Kenya and the United Arab Emirates. For Standard Chartered, the new implementation is a way of carrying out their strategy, envisioning increasing their share in retail banking, and for Ailleron SA it is yet another step on the road to global expansion, and another reference project carried out for one of the largest banks in the world.

The area in which Standard Chartered operates includes markets with stringent security procedures. In order for the system to be implemented, it has to undergo an extensive screening process and fulfill the criteria of a very rigorous information security policy to the letter. This is why this implementation is ennobling for our company, since it serves as a confirmation that LiveBank managed to pass every single one of even the most challenging tests. Also, the historical scale of the implementation makes it another important reference project in our portfolio. For some time we have been seeing exponential growth in inquiries about LiveBank. The number of our partners, expanding our sales networks, as well as declarations regarding the expansion of current implementations at our regular clients is also growing progressively. Undoubtedly, the tempo of our implementations and our experience up to this point are our assets, differentiating us from the competition, local and worldwide, says Rafał Styczeń, Chairman of the Board of Ailleron SA.

The current expansion of LiveBank confirms that the trend of going towards the digital revolution in global banks is gaining traction. According to surveys in the United Kingdom, the number of visits to bricks and mortar bank branches went down from 476 million in 2011 to 278 million in 2016 [2]. In other regions of the world the lack of traditional banking infrastructure organically speeds up the rapid development of mobile banking. The solution created by the Polish company has successfully become part of the current trends in other local markets.

LiveBank is a technologically advanced virtual banking solution, ensuring the highest level of customer service, while eliminating the need to visit a bricks and mortar bank branch. It provides many facilities, including the possibility to contact a specialist or a personal advisor, as well as access to the products offered by the bank using video and audio transmission, combined with chat, depending on the customer’s preferences.

Our product facilitates and speeds up the process of dealing with banking formalities, while generating fast results both for the customers and for the bank. Additionally, the system ensures full security of all transactions, thanks to encrypted connections and the ability to add-on the innovative technology of voice biometry, used for transaction authorization. Moreover, thanks to the implementation of adaptive streaming technology, which adjusts the video quality to the customer’s bandwidth, the bank can ensure a high-quality connection to the customer, which helps the interaction, Rafał Styczeń added.

We are proud of our cooperation with Standard Chartered. It is the largest implementation in the banking industry worldwide in terms of the scale and range, which is why selecting a partner for such an operation should never be left to chance – extensive experience and stringent security standards are absolutely necessary. The fact that Standard Chartered trusted Ailleron SA is a great distinction and a guarantee of our professionalism. However, this implementation is not the only ambitious project currently carried out by the company. We are already well-known in the banking industry, which has resulted in advanced and promising talks about implementations currently carried out in Asia, Brazil and other regions. Every time a reference project is completed we observe a quick growth of interest in LiveBank. In this case, we do not expect it to be different, Piotr Skrabski, LiveBank General Manager, added.



[2] CACI consulting company data, based on a Financial Times article:


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