Software Mind SA, a member of the Wind Mobile Group that provides innovative IT products and solutions, is going to implement the iLumio system in the New Provincial Hospital in Wroclaw.

It is going to be the first implementation of the iLumio system in the health care industry and it will comprehensively meet the needs of the patients of the New Provincial Hospital in Wroclaw. There is going to be 316 iLumio units and their main function will be to provide patients with entertainment – from HD television to the possibility of using the Internet, games and other applications. The units will have an additional function – an information system that will help patients to get current messages from the hospital staff. iLumio as a communication channel significantly improves the level of patient care and their comfort by giving them a current access to the hospital information.

So far the solution provided by the Wind Mobile Group has gained recognition mostly in the hotel industry, but the potential of the iLumio system allows us to apply it in other segments as well. We have already been able to see a preview of the iLumio usability in the health care industry – we carried out and sponsored an implementation of the system in the Department of Pediatric Oncology at the University Children’s Hospital of Cracow in Cracow-Prokocim and it has proved the usefulness of our solution in medical facilities. The benefits are mutual – the patient gets an entertainment and information, whereas the hospital has an effective tool that helps it to communicate with patients – says Justyna Michalczyk, iLumio General Manager in Software Mind SA.

More and more often, modern medical facilities use telemedicine technologies intensively. They adapt a range of solutions for improving patient’s comfort that, until recently, have been an exclusive privilege of the hotel industry. The New Provincial Hospital in Wroclaw is a great example. The facility, which is scheduled to open in the first half of 2015, is intended for the citizens of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia Province. The hospital has four floors and a surface of 48,700 m2; there are 16 departments with 550 beds and a hospital out-patient clinic. There is a “hot platform” in the hospital that composes of a Department of Medical Imaging, an Operating Theatre with 10 rooms, a Department of Emergency Medicine, a Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care. At the same time, thanks to the iLumio system, the hospital will be able to provide its patients with some additional functions that are useful in their treatment and improve the comfort of the hospital stay as well.

The Wind Mobile Group emphasizes that there is a very high growth potential for applying solutions like iLumio. Today in Poland there are more than 900 hospitals with almost 200,000 beds. At the same time the number of hospitals that are in the process of being commercialized is growing (170 facilities) and therefore grows the number of facilities that significantly improve the standard of patient care. The potential of the whole European market is more than 14,000 hospitals with 3 million beds and about 50% of them are private hospitals.

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