Another successful edition of Finovate Europe in London, the renowned conference connecting the entire fintech community, has come to an end. This year’s event was marked by valuable new connections, insightful discussions with banking and financial institution leaders, and a stream of inspiring live product demos.

Finovate Europe stands out for its efficient format, focusing on presenting cutting-edge technology with real-world applications. Selected fintech representatives had the opportunity to take the stage in keynote sessions, panel discussions, or 7-minute demos to showcase their latest innovations and captivate the audience’s attention.

To expand the event’s reach, the first day’s agenda featured a diverse array of presentations and keynote speeches. Mateusz Grys, LiveBank Product Manager at Ailleron, and Łukasz Parzyk, Expert Lead Retail Banking at ING, were the hosts of one of the sessions that drew the highest attendance. They elaborated on how LiveBank customer engagement platform supports banks in providing clients with a comprehensive and secure remote mortgage experience. During their joint speech, “#ClickConnectMortgage: ING & LiveBank Success Story”, experts from LiveBank and ING outlined current customer expectations for mortgages and walked the audience through the digitalization of the credit process.

In light of global trends, this topic holds significant relevance, as research indicates that 45% of consumers used digital channels to purchase banking products, and around 1/2 of EU clients using digital channels prefer online and mobile banking to make a purchase or obtain information. It’s also worth noting that 37% of bank interactions are fully digital, including research, application, and the signing of product contracts.

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Standing on the stage at Finovate Europe in London was not just an opportunity but a validation of our journey toward innovation in digital banking. We had the privilege to showcase how our partnership with ING Bank Poland through the LiveBank platform is setting new benchmarks in the realm of digital transformation, especially in simplifying the intricate process of mortgage lending. The response was electrifying, with the audience comprising leaders and innovators from the top echelons of the banking and fintech sectors, reflecting a shared excitement for the future of banking. This engagement has inspired us to push the boundaries further. We are on the cusp of integrating the warmth of human interactions with the precision of generative AI to redefine the banking experience. Our vision is to bring personalized banking advisory into the comfort and safety of our customers’ homes.

Mateusz Grys

LiveBank Product Manager at Ailleron

The first day’s discussions revolved around tokenization, AI tools and applications, as well as GenAI use cases in banking. The following day, industry experts took the stage to debate the importance of hyper-personalization of financial services, sector collaboration’s crucial role, fintech investment flow into emerging markets, and competition’s impact on the fast-evolving payments landscape. 

To make the most of this unique opportunity to network and engage with the global audience, the day before the conference, Ailleron experts participated in the exclusive briefing & cocktail reception for financial institutions, accessible only by invitation. At the pre-event gathering, Piotr Piątosa, COO of Ailleron, introduced the AI-driven capabilities of LiveBank’s enterprise-class platform for streamlining banking processes and optimizing customer support.

London Finovate undoubtedly stood out as a valuable meeting with banking and fintech innovators. The numbers underscore its significance: with 100+ speakers and 1,000+ attendees from over 100 locations worldwide gathered in one venue! Throughout the event, we engaged in numerous discussions about our collaborations with major banks. Notably, there was considerable industry interest in digitalizing mortgage processes, evident in the enthusiastic response to the joint presentation of Ailleron & ING Bank. The audience valued our contribution and was eager to learn more about how we managed to enhance the digital accessibility of customer advisors, resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates related to mortgage applications.

Piotr Piątosa

COO of Ailleron

Finovate conferences unite hundreds of representatives from banking and financial institutions each year. For banks, credit unions, insurance, investment firms, startups, and tech enthusiasts keen on staying at the forefront of the debate on the technology poised to transform the industry, attending future Finovate Europe editions is a must! 

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