Ailleron, a company quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, has implemented an Internet customer service system for one of the five largest leasing companies in Poland – Raiffeisen-Leasing Polska SA. The “eBOK” (electronic Customer Service Center) is one of the world’s most innovative platforms of its kind, fully tailored to the requirements of the industry. The newly implemented system, called R-Leasing Portal, is characterized by simplicity, functionality and intuitiveness, thanks to which the clients of Raiffeisen Leasing will have access to a simple tool that will allow them to independently manage their products and services, along with access to the most recent information about products, news and the financial services market. For years, Ailleron has been one of the leading providers of software for the financial industry, and the company’s experience is based on years of collaboration with leasing companies.

The R-Leasing Portal provides Raiffeisen Leasing clients on-line access to detailed information about their products, services, contracts, invoices or payment schedules, 24 hours a day. Clients also gain the ability to communicate and submit applications regarding their contracts online. Thanks to the new system, the client can access their e-invoices and download them to their computers at any time. The R-Leasing Portal has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which adapts itself to all devices, including mobile devices used by the clients, which have an Internet connection, thanks to Responsive Web Design technology.
The system offers functionalities connected with customer service, but it also doubles as an additional marketing channel, providing opportunities to create and display personalized content. The R-Leasing Portal is also a sales channel – users are able to carry out preliminary calculations regarding financial products and then submit an e-application for provision of funding.
“By presenting the R-Leasing Portal application to Raiffeisen Leasing clients, we are consistently implementing our strategy of creating and developing products that create a competitive edge and increase the value of our clients’ businesses. The R-Leasing Portal is a result of our many years of experience in creating and implementing Self-Service solutions and is one of our key products for leasing companies. Thanks to our competencies, proven methodology and – above all – the collective experience of our people, Raiffeisen Leasing has received an app of the highest quality with a user-friendly and modern interface,” says Karina Porębska, Member of the Ailleron Board and Director of Business Unit Finance.

“Thanks to its functionality and implemented technologies, the R-Leasing Portal is the perfect answer to the ever-growing trend of using on-line systems for providing services in the finance industry. Long-term changes in the IT infrastructure at Raiffeisen Leasing prepared us for online expansion. Together with Ailleron SA, we created a new Internet-based channel for communicating with our clients – a system which, thanks to its intuitive functionality and great accessibility, guarantees our clients the most up-to-date information regarding their products on-line, 24 hours a day. Thanks to the R-Leasing Portal, we can ensure efficient service to all our customers at times when our Advisors and Call Centers are unavailable. We have assumed that by shifting the burden of customer service from our Advisors to the on-line channel, we will shorten our processes and optimize the work of Customer Service Teams; and most importantly, we will reduce the pressure put on the Sales Network employees who are dealing with after-sales services,” said Marcin Matysiak, Director of the IT Department at Raiffeisen-Leasing Polska SA.

About Raiffeisen-Leasing Polska SA
Raiffeisen-Leasing Polska SA is the leader of innovative solutions in business financing. Since 1998, it has been building its credibility and recognition on the Polish market and has become one of the most trusted entities supporting the growth of Polish companies and entrepreneurs. After 2015, the company has become one of the largest leasing companies in Poland and an undisputed leader of financing with EU support. The company holds second place in the passenger car financing segment with 25% growth; it is also one of the leading entities in the financing of other assets, including vehicles, heavy transport facilities, machinery and equipment, as well as real estate. Additionally, the company offers financing in the area of IT, medical equipment and office equipment.

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