Ailleron, a Polish software house and IT solutions provider, and Arango DB, an American graph database software vendor, have joined forces to revolutionize IT solutions for the financial sector. With this agreement, Ailleron will integrate ArangoDB graph databases into its offerings for banks and other financial institutions. Additionally, Ailleron will use ArangoDB graph data structure to power its AI Banking solution and provide a higher quality of its machine-learning models.

“This partnership is about the digital transformation in the big picture, market demand for graph databases, and helping our clients from the financial industry master any data and the relationships between the data. Since ArangoDB provides a graph data model as part of its multi-model capabilities, we can build AI Banking solutions and services, such as data platforms, machine learning models, personal finance management, and 360-degree customer view concepts. This allows for identifying data relationships and using all meaningful data connections in perfectly tailored customer service. Mastering the data helps our clients to become desirable institutions for any customers looking for financial products or services of the future.” – said Maciej Kasprzak, General Manager at Ailleron.

Commercialization and development of scalable graph analytics combined with the increased flexibility of document storage and search will allow financial institutions and banks, in particular, to use advanced real-time analytics and machine learning to support acquiring and retaining customers.

Financial industry experience and a rock-solid background in AI-based solutions make Ailleron a trustworthy software partner. We are proud to announce the partnership with Ailleron as a technical integrator of ArangoDB solutions in the financial sector.” – said Frank Swain, Chief Revenue Officer at Arango DB.

ArangoDB is a native graph multi-model database technology supporting representation of complex data for machine-learning models. Ailleron incorporated it for AI Banking, a solution that helps banks communicate with their customers and engage them in digital channels seamlessly and efficiently.

Our clients demand high-availability, high-performance solutions based on artificial intelligence. Therefore, to provide state-of-the-art software, we’ve chosen ArangoDB, a unique database capable of withstanding any workload. Its technology reduces development efforts and enables data-model flexibility from the very beginning. ArangoDB also allows for easy scaling, which is a great advantage for our clients from the banking industry.“ – emphasizes Maciej Kasprzak.

Thanks to the domain know-how, Ailleron is able to adopt ArangoDB, the AI Banking solution, or specified machine learning models to the banks’ existing software architecture.


About Ailleron

Ailleron enables the digital acceleration of the financial industry by providing software development services and solutions for banks, leasing, and fintech companies. Its mission is to make financial experiences easy and enjoyable for everyone. It has been a publicly-traded company since 2011. The Ailleron Group serves over 160 businesses in more than 40 countries.

About ArangoDB

ArangoDB is the highest-rated graph database, with more than 12,000 stargazers on GitHub. Building on the concept of ‘graph and beyond,’ ArangoDB combines the analytical power of graphs with JSON documents, a key-value store, and a full-text search engine, enabling developers to access and connect all of these data models with a single, elegant, declarative query language. It serves as the scalable backbone for graph analytics and complex data architectures across many industries.

Founded in 2015, ArangoDB Inc. is a privately-held company backed by Bow Capital, Iris Capital, New Forge, and Target Partners. It is headquartered in San Francisco and Cologne, Germany, with offices and employees worldwide. Learn more at

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