2020 is a year of rapid and unexpected changes. Many things are going to change in IT industry, too, especially due to its dynamic growth. The latest Deloitte report shows us the direction of digital transformation for the entire year – and thanks to the data provided we are certain that Ailleron is on the right path to the future.

Technology closer to the people

In the first quarter of 2020 businesses and customers were drawn apart more than ever due to social distancing caused by coronavirus pandemic. Because of that factor, companies are even more focused on reaching their target audiences and meeting their needs. That is why the idea of emotional AI became one of the trends to shape the entire IT industry in 2020.

Emotional AI is a group of solutions based on artificial intelligence. Those technologies allow us to understand people’s needs and to provide them with means of communication they enjoy most. Emotional AI has been a part of Ailleron’s products for years, offering our customers a quick and effective communication with no human assistance.

Numerous integrations we can implement on our customers’ sites and platforms are an excellent example of this mechanism. They also include chatbot modules commonly used in many communication platforms. They allow us to answer customers’ questions immediately and to adjust the messages to their preferences based on their previous activities. This is a perfect way to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Strength in a package

Introducing a single service to company’s offer sometimes is not enough to win the hearts of customers. As Deloitte shows in its latest report, the real power lies in the combination of various modules that may be used to provide target audiences with comprehensive services. What is more, such a combination creates an technological base that can later be expanded using new features, adjusting the offer to the latest changes in the industry and in the world.

Ailleron knows that digital customer experience depends on more than just one factor – but we also know that there are many customers with many different needs. That is why we offer complex solutions that can be adapted to fit the needs of our partners – both current and prospective. This is possible thanks to the number of packages and features helping our customers expand their offer available both on mobile devices and on computers. Such a variety of solutions is included in our products for both Fintech and Leasing.

The product is not enough

Customers care not only about a comprehensive offer, but also about the added values that are included in it. Thus, ethics and trust became another trend for 2020 – and those are the virtues that are not limited just to IT industry. Surely, the product itself is important for the users, but this tendency shows that their opinions are hugely affected by their experiences in cooperation and communication with service providers.

Ailleron has been guided by its customer’s values for years, creating relations based on mutual trust. In accordance with our motto, we always give our customers a pair of digital wings that help them on a journey towards their goals. In the same time, we also provide them with transparent offer and effective work that connected us with many international partners. We are proud of our relations with global giants and we are happy to support them in their digital transformation for many years. As you can see, our values also have an impact on the entire IT industry that, according to Deloitte research, is going to strive for work ethics with every day to come.

A step to the future – and what is next?

Since the beginning of Ailleron’s history we aim to follow the path that leads us and our partners to better and better results in the future. However, we realize that adjusting our expectations to predictions is not enough to survive, since the world is rapidly changing. That is why in Ailleron we focus not only on setting the trends, but also adapting to the ones that appear randomly. This flexibility allows us to keep up with the world and overcome the obstacle that may wait for us on our path to the future.



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Ailleron - IT trends: Ailleron products are a step into the future


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