Today’s cutthroat environment means that a business needs to use every competitive edge to set itself apart from its rivals, as the contemporary market is full of astute consumers with the acumen and perception to see through the fog of dazzling marketing campaigns.

Your Customers Demand the Best, so Provide the Best

As the public has become more knowledgeable and experienced in evaluating products, there is little point in trying to sell them a sub-standard solution.  Chatbots are not some new-fangled, gimmicky flavour of the month.  If designed correctly, they can profoundly benefit businesses in terms of saving money, increasing productivity and accomplishing higher standards of customer assistance while capturing a greater share of the market.

Enhanced Customer Service at a Diminished Cost

According to IBM, “265 billion customer support requests are made every year, and it costs businesses a whopping $1.3 trillion to service them.”  This astronomical cost is dramatically reduced through the deployment of an effective chatbot. Chatbots Magazine reports that utilizing a chatbot could help a business save up to 40% of expenditure. Whereas a customer service agent can obviously only deal with one person at a time, the reach of a chatbot is indeed limitless.   Chatbots provide round-the-clock attention every day of the year, providing accessibility and contact essential in the fast-paced world of finance.

Hone and Optimize Your Business Strategy

As your chatbot assumes responsibility for dealing with queries, complaints and routine tasks, employees can be re-directed to handle other issues.  Staffing requirements for one area are removed, freeing up a budget and allowing attention to be focused elsewhere.   Employees can pursue more demanding initiatives confident that clients are being sufficiently taken care of.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Chatbots are not the future, they are the present.  IBM estimates that by 2020 “85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent” so the question is not if you get a chatbot, but when?  Being a leader means not waiting for others to take the first step, but by blazing a trail yourself.

Satisfy Loyal Customers and Attract New Ones

Writing in,  CEO Laduram Vishnoi highlights the broadened reach and heightened brand value chatbots offer.  By broadened reach, Vishnoi means “chatbots can reach out to innumerable prospects through social media like no human could ever achieve.”  To the latter point, he argues “chatbots can catch customer attention through historical interactions and gather and analyse customer feedback and data.  This is then used to effectively communicate your brand to the right people in the best way.”   Investing in a chatbot means acquiring a service agent, salesperson and marketing expert in one innovative solution.

Conversational AI: The Best of Both Worlds

The combination of machine learning, natural language processing and a world-class team means Ailleron’s chatbot provides the intuitive, adaptable conversations that live agents offer, along with the dependability and precision expected from technology.  Even employees of the month get tired, sick or have a bad day.  Chatbots don’t, can’t and won’t.  Conversational AI replicates human interaction while removing the chance of human error.  Our solution integrates artificial and emotional intelligence and delivers a rewarding experience for financial institutions and customers alike.


Ailleron - Chatbots: The Final Piece of Your Customer Service Puzzle


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