It is worth noting that such good results in the leasing industry are also a consequence of technological changes in the sector. Products that allow leasing to be used as a payment method in online purchases or a digital qualified signature that allows leasing contracts to be concluded online without leaving home are just some of the many modern solutions implemented in the last two years of the coronavirus pandemic.

Micro and small companies are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of the growing role of new technologies in leasing. Customers with a turnover of up to PLN 5 million accounts for 54.1% of all leasing investments in 2021. The popularity of purchasing electric and LPG-powered cars is also growing – the lease financing of such vehicles last year reached PLN 672.1 million.

Paweł Krasuski, Executive Sales Director Ailleron

As expected, the results of the industry after 2021 reached a record level. This is in line with expectations, which pointed to a return to the well-known growth trends that the leasing industry has accustomed us to over the years. It can be argued that the 2018 result was more strongly inflated than expected particularly as a result of customer activity in Q4 as a result of regulatory changes primarily related to the settlement of tax benefits for light vehicle financing; the 2019 result was, in turn, the result of a correction of the end of 2018, and 2020 was, unfortunately, the result of the huge uncertainty in the markets caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Last year reflected sales activity in relatively “normal” circumstances. I think the previous year’s result reflects very well the condition of the industry: the ever-increasing popularity of this form of financing, the competitiveness against typical banking solutions for business lending, the increase in the number of micro-enterprises, the growing employment in the IT industry, where the provision of services in B2B form is natural, as well as the ongoing changes in customer preferences related to the shift from the form of owning assets to using them. This makes it increasingly challenging for companies such as Ailleron, which is consistently fulfilling its ambition to be a strategic technology partner for Polish and foreign companies in the financial industry. We provide leasing companies with solutions that enable them to provide comprehensive services in remote channels. We have been improving our products in this direction for a long time and aim to be the technology partner of the first choice. Although it is difficult to predict the results of the industry in 2022, considering the very complicated situation behind our eastern border, we remain optimistic and do not in any way suspend our acquisition and development activities.

Krzysztof Rejkowicz, Business Development Manager Ailleron

Despite the difficult economic environment, leasing companies can consider the last few years as successful. Last year alone, we could see an almost 30% increase in the value of assets financed by leasing companies. This result was achieved thanks to, among other things, quick response to the difficult situation in the world. Recently, interest in the digitalization of sales processes has increased significantly. An additional factor behind these changes has been the simultaneous development of the e-commerce market – companies have opened up to remote sales channels, allowing leasing to be obtained completely online. This is why it is so important to provide customers with a user-friendly and intuitive purchasing process that will guide them effectively from product identification and application to ordering and contract signing. The key aspects of remote sales have become a convenience, easy access to the offer, and the possibility of electronic signature. A solution that fits this need and is changing the leasing industry is the LeaseTech Offer Manager. The offer manager allows dealers to send a link to a portal containing a personalized leasing offer. Customers are given the opportunity to select the offer variant they are interested in, enter the data required for risk assessment, finalize the offer using a qualified electronic signature, and pay using fast online payments. And all this without leaving home. As more and more people become comfortable with online sales processes, we expect to see an increasing interest in such tools. Everything indicates that leasing companies have become good friends with the e-commerce market, which in the future will significantly increase the share of leasing in financing purchases in this market as well.

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*Data were taken from the report of the Polish Leasing Association “Results of the leasing industry in 2021”.

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