Modern financial institutions face daunting challenges; cut-throat competition, burgeoning regulations and growing demands from customers. In order to gain an advantage, financial institutions must deliver increased, fast and convenient accessibility, ensure safe, reliable and impenetrable security and guarantee practical, straightforward and seamless execution of banking operations. On top of that, customers expect the qualified expertise, attentive care and personalized touch that come with world-class customer service.

For many, this tall order is a challenge that requires crippling amounts of money, resources and time. For Ailleron, it was an inspiration to develop a cost-effective, user-friendly and AI-driven solution that provides advanced customer service and enhances a bank’s ability to cope with a rapidly changing banking environment.  An AI-powered function of an agent’s application in LiveBank, prompter generates answers to be passed on to customers during chat conversations, making communication between consultants and customers effortless, meaningful and rewarding.

AI Prompter Panel: Increasing efficiency and coverage

Customer service consultants need to be qualified experts about a wide range of topics, offers, products and processes. Training bank employees entails considerable effort and money and is a time-consuming process that does not always guarantee successful results. The AI prompter is the technological equivalent of the ideal employee of the month. Trained to recognize key words and phrases, the prompter analyses language, understands customers’ intents and provides pre-programmed responses. Prompts are scored according to model accuracy and only those with high ranks appear in consultants’ applications.  Presented with several suitable responses, a consultant can select an appropriate response.

The prompter’s administration management panel is a user-friendly, intuitive platform designed by a team of experts to provide practical support, speed up processes and ensure bank employees have the tools and information to exceed customers’ expectations. Content needed for interactions is easily created, edited and catalogued, meaning that evolving requirements are swiftly dealt with and issues can be addressed before they become problems. Besides functioning as the base to create prompts, the panel serves as an invaluable source of customer information, generating reports about conversation history, frequent topics, number of users, amount and length of conversations and customer satisfaction.

AI Prompter: A customer service game changer

In a world whose speed is ever-increasing, customers turn to solutions that achieve fast, effective and dependable results. Not only does our AI prompter accomplish this, but it helps in the training of employees by instructing them how to deal with a wide-range of scenarios, elevating customer service to new heights while facilitating smoother interactions, faster minimising time and strengthening performance. Should human assistance be needed, transition to a live agent is seamless and the consultant is instantly informed of the situation and conversation history, meaning there is no wasted time spent on repeating what has already been said.  It is rare when something ticks all the boxes, but Ailleron’s AI prompter just might:

  • world-class, enriched customer care
  • expanded access and outreach
  • essential, up to the minute customer feedback
  • upgraded, maximised operational productivity

Ailleron takes pride in developing innovative, forward-thinking fintech which is useful, transformative and visionary, and which can elevate an organization to unimaginable heights.

Ailleron - AI Prompter: Cutting-edge assistance for bank employees and customers


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